• hello everyone! Gemini 3-Image-image iCVS dm500hd-20110906151125.nfi inertnet explorel not go up the box to the old message .... imege invalid image! SKIPPED crc! What is wrong .....? image is now a box factory!

  • Repat the ICVS-Imagefile download of the IHAD Server and the try again.

    regards fmx

  • Unpacking the ZIP file ... helps also.

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  • internet explorer dreambox dm500hd update


    Now the factory box image ...(release-dm500hd-3.1.0.nfi)
    the original image does not load up with fresh ...(release-dm500hd-3.2.0.nfi)
    image I spent in vain again....

    I do not understand the problem ...

  • secondstage-dm500hd-84.nfi send the box service cable DreamUP 1_3_3_8...the programs massege calculating checksum.....
    and nothing happens ....
    why problem...?

  • you have to use the latest dreamup version

    dau bleibt dau, daran kann der beste dev nichts ändern<br><br>

  • hello ... unfortunately dreamUp program ... the problem is the same message .. calculating checksum
    why problem....?
    gemini3 any image may not be the only box to gemini 5.00...!!

  • Then you make something wrong.

    You can flash den 2ndstage Loader via WebIF (try the Opera Browser) and then
    you can flash the new image in the second step.

  • hello everyone! Unfortunately, Opera is the old image ... invalid response!
    dreamUp update-usb does not work out, and the box between the PC and the network is available! dreamUp program ... the problem is same message .. calculating checksum
    this box was already filled with a 84 secondstage
    why problem....?

  • hello everyone! this could be to spend the imeget iCVS-Image-dm500hd-20110204203859.nfi ...!! the most recent but not at all want to go ...!
    it is equally we could not go up ... but why ... because it has worked in the box ...

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    Originally posted by Pireza
    And when a new ICVS with v. 2.3.0? :379:

    ops v. 3.2.0 :366: