HD Glass for OE 2.0 and OE 2.2 / OE 2.5

  • by shamann®

    - added message "transporder info not found" and "Reference: X:X:X:...." if selected item have not valid Reference/transporder info - channel selection screen

  • I am using HD Glass 16 for the first time.

    I want to ask some questions. Thx.

    1- Is it possible to move clock from the info bar?

    2- Is it possible to change clock with a digital one?

    3- Is it possible to change clock with sat or provider picon?

  • HD Glass16 ver. 3.21

    - added "caid:ecm pid" (heigt of the list is automatically increased/decreased) - can be enabled/disabled via setup (default - disabled)
    - fix detection of the autorestart - setup

    Thanks shamann

  • by shamann®

    - changed priority measurement HDD temperature - smartctl highest priority, via binary lowest - both methods do not need wake up HDD - in this case HDD must supported S.M.A.R.T.

  • by shamann®

    - added screen 13,14,15 and icon set 6 - if you will use screen13, switch icons set to 6 (short icons)
    - small update piconProv

  • Im using this skin and i like it very much!Actually it is my one and only choidce :)I just need to know is there any way to set-up this skin to make the oled in color?I have Dm800se adn the oled with this skin is non color.And one more thing:If there is a deay in opening the channel(the ecm is higher and the channel opens in lets say 5 seconds) then the skin doesnt show the ecm info at the moment when the channelis opened(like its suposed tobe),but it takes extra 5 seconds to show it!Is this fixable too?thanks!

  • by shamann®

    - fix sreens 13,14,15
    - changed name of labels in enhanced screen - updated in all screens and "more ECM, TP screen"
    - fix icons set 6
    - added active caid:ecm pid
    - changed len of cutting of address
    - changed refresh ecm info from 15s to 6s - optimalized with events timing in main code

  • by shamann®

    - added fade in/out effect of main, extra and enhanced infobars - can be enabled/disabled and set speed via setup
    - small corrections in sreens 13,14,15
    - updated piconSat: new Astra logo - all "Astra" positions (thx ftryskac)
    - updated and fixed some sreens in latest BH (VU+)

  • by shamann®

    - added new options in type of OLED: G16 Actual event, G16 Ch.name, VU+ Actual event, VU+ Ch.name - VU+ is for VFD display with autorolling characters (new renderer)
    - small update piconProv (thx ftryskac)
    - added autocorection (first 0 removed in time if time is 0x:xx) - oled, infobar

  • Cool, der Skin wird immer besser - ich nutze ihn schon fast von Anfang an. Das Fade-In / Fade-Out ist richtig genial!

    Ich nutze das Standard-OLED, da ich gern den Statusbalken haben möchte. Uhr und Sendernamen sind mir da etwas zu klein... kann man das ändern?

    In der Channel-Selection sieht man unter dem Bild den aktuellen Sender mit dem laufenden Titel und dem nächsten Sendungstitel. Darunter sieht man den markierten Sender mit der dort gerade laufenden Sendung. Kann man auch dort den aktuellen und den nächsten Sendungstitiel haben? Das währe der Hammer!


  • Quote

    by shamann®
    - added new options in type of OLED: G16 Actual event, G16 Ch.name, VU+ Actual event, VU+ Ch.name - VU+ is for VFD display with autorolling characters (new renderer)

    :sonne: :top:

    [SIZE=7]Selfsat H50M4
    Ultimo4K /2xTwinS2, VTI, PLi, ATV...
    NAS: Qnap221[/SIZE]

  • HD Glass16 ver. 3.35

    - added new options in type of OLED: G16 (Ch.Name + Actual event), VU+ (Ch.Name + Actual event)
    - added new converter g16ServiceNameEvent.py witch generate from current service: ch. name and actual event
    - added new option in setup - fade in enable/disable
    - updated renderer g16RollName.py - autodetection width of text

    Thanks shamann

  • HD Glass16 ver. 3.36

    - added new special effect "typewriter" - used in all extra screens and both channel selection screens - can be enabled/disabled via setup
    - big code optimalization to improve "main code" speed
    - changed "the way" to activate all types infobars including all defined options in setup


  • by shamann®

    - added option type selection for user info: 1.sysinfo (default), 2. extended description (what is it? look at screenshot) - must be user info and permanent extrainfobar enabled and press 2x OK
    - fix for virtualkeyboard - pli images
    - added type "G16 up: ch. name bottom: Act. Event" - both autoroll - designed for DM
    - fix for the cropped text - typewriter
    - added description item/value on oled, if setup is active