Dm500plus Enigma2 Pcd 6.2

  • Hi PCD/Kalehrl,

    thx for your help. Using PCD´s DM600-Image which i extracted to a temp directory on the HDD of my VU+Duo using nfidump i could see what the script does, so switching tuxtxt on by copying /usr/bin/enigma2.sh_txtok to /usr/bin/ and copying the /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/Tuxtxt/plugin.pyX to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/Tuxtxt/ activated the teletext-button (just in case you like to fix it wihtin your image)

    Everything i wanted (Network, Web-IF, CCcam, Teletext, Nemesis-Glassline) works now without extending the flash - And thx to Kalehrl i can create a stable, operating baseline-nfi-image to quickly restore production in a "wife-accepted-mode" ;-))


  • Hallo, wie ist denn die richtige Download URL für ?
    Würde das gerne bei mir fixen ...

    Hello, how is the correct DL URL for


    dsaard aka Dominik

  • Does anyone use pcd 6.2 as partnerbox server?

    I can watch the stream ẃith mplayer/vlc/xine
    connecting with partnerbox to the pcd6.2 works, i can see the bouquets and the epg data, switching the channel works, remote timer works but no streaming via partnerbox

    dm500+ -> dm500hd/dm800hd

    vtuner is no option, every test with vtuner blocks watching tv at the vtuner server ...



  • Hi kalehrl,

    Good news - I can now build ppc e2 images again !

    Please let me know if there is any new need (for plugins etc). :)

    Or, do we need a full e1 image (not for our e2) with the new patches ?

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Yes I know from the thread Enigma2 Image for PowerPC Dreamboxes - Howto

    Please try to compile a full enigma1 image with the latest CVS date.
    I tried to a couple of months ago but couldn't get past some errors.
    The latest one I could compile was from 2008/08/25.

  • what a surprise.Very good!!Thanks pcd!

  • Quote

    Good news - I can now build ppc e2 images again !

    Maybe you could try to disable eit epg like in openpli so that rytec epg won't be overwritten.

  • Hi kalehrl,

    Please kindly test the attached before I post it generally.

    The Favourite option is in Video Category.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • hi pcd

    Thank you very much. I tested it and it works OK. There is no option to save username but I edited your code to suit my needs so now it opens my playlists directly without "Please enter youtube username" dialog.

    I've noticed that, though very rarely, some videos won't open and they freeze dreambox. I logged enigma2 and it seems that if a video isn't available for your country, enigma2 freezes and spinners occur:

    Getvlc : name = E.T.
    furl =…default&eurl=&gl=UK&hl=en
    Getvlc fpage = status=fail&errorcode=150&reason=The+uploader+has+not+made+this+video+available+in+your+country.
    fmtstr =
    fmtstr 2 =
    main thread is non-idle! display spinner!


    • e.log

      (52.51 kB, downloaded 1 times, last: )
  • I will look into this problem when I have time. Function downloadpage deals with such errors directly. Unfortunately we then need twisted - which is big. I will see if urlopen can ba stopped at error. message.

    Thanks for reporting.

  • Excuse me, but according the wikipedia page about dreambox device specification I see that the only thing that dm500plus is different from dm500 is the amount of RAM and flash.

    If I use nfs multiboot to avoid the amount of flash and I use swap file for the RAM can I install this image in a DM500???

    Sorry for my stupid question. :-)

  • I doubt it but you can try.
    The difference is also in image structure (OE vs. CDK) and also in the type of flash, not just its size (NAND vs. whatever).

  • Hi kalehrl,

    Please test the attached enigma. It is from 20070615 but with these diffs :-

    file:// \
    file:// \
    file://rotor_fix.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://disable_boot.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://epgfix_backport.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://timeshiftfix_backport.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://subtitlefix_backport.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://rdstextfix_backport.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://duplicate_tsid_onid_cable_terrestrial_fix_backport.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://capmt_namespace_fix.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://longer_sdt_timeout.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://dish_network_tv_service_types_hack.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \
    file://fix_xml_defaults.diff;patch=1;pnum=1 \


  • What are the differences from the previous enigma?
    I have a compiled CVS enigma1 from 2008/08/25.
    This one is older than mine.

    I use openpli enigma1 so I can't test it soon. I would have to install your image again and then replace the binary.

  • I thought you had some issue with your enigma1 and wanted me to compile e1. The most up to date e1 gives configure error - because it is meant for oe-1.6 build. I looked at some of the code - it is exactly same as the 20070615 code plus the diffs I listed.

    If you are happy with the openpli e1 - there is no need to test this version.

    I can make new versions of the ppc e2 images. But I cannot think of anything new to do with them ! It will be all old stuff.

    What is your view ?

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  • I asked you to compile latest enigma1 with CVS from 2011 but I guess there are so many errors that it simply can't be done. I couldn't compile it with date after 2008/08/25.

    Yes, we should wait and see if anything interesting pops up. Then you can make a new image if you feel like it.