DM600PVR Enigma2 Enigma1 Combined Image Pcd 6.1

  • it is here


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    DM 920UHD DM 900UHD WE, DM7020HD, DM800SE

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  • Cheers PCD,

    i also tryed to install PCD6.1 on DM600PVR, but, i cant install the basic pack software ( i changed the ) and the plugins i need, an rather i cant control my volume, if it is max i got sound, but when pulling down one click, i cant hear anything :-)

    and my biggest problem, i tryed to reinstall my personal copy of your 3.1 for DM600PVR with all software and settings ( with increased memory via HDD), but, after installing PCD6.1 i initialized my HDD, so no software is installed for 3.1 to work anymore, and servers to townload basic pack are down even after trying to change the

    so i hope you can help me to solve this problem...

    But, dont worry, i´d like to say you thanks for your great work you are doing here and for your time to help all of us and to develope the software you are offering!

  • Hi Antalor,

    The software basic pack should now download. Please test.

    I had a problem with the server - sorry !

    The volume control does not work - I made a mistake with the code. Will correct it some time. Is it urgent ? Can you use the tv set volume control for now ?

    I do not know why your back-up now does not work.

    Regards, pcd.

  • Hi Aki,

    I can upload samba server. What do you use it for ?

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Doppler
    it is here


    Can you give a link to this plugin?

    I cannot find it in this forum.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • Hy PCD,

    okay, trying to reinstall your new Image 6.1.
    But, cant download python-zlib & python compression at the basic pack.
    Is this needed for any Pluguns to work, can you give me manually download link to install it if i need it?

  • now i tryed to install zdf mediathek, but, after complete restart, enigma boots ang gets green screen, so i try to reflash now...

  • If you get a green screen - please post the crash-log. You can correct the problem (if I find it in the log) - by ftp. No need to reflash.

  • enigma trys to start, but the Picture gets a green touch and then trys to restart and so on...
    sorry, i have reflashed it and now will try to install all basic pack software and try to make a flsh back-up...

  • i found the- zlib & compression ipk to download in this thread, is there anythin to look, or simple install it manually? where do i have to place the *.ipk via FTP for manually install?

  • basic pack still is not available at download server...
    cccam.cfg also wasnt able to be installed...

  • Ok, now i reflashed image, installed the complet Basic Pack and CCCAM 2.2.1 incl. cccam.cfg ( manually, download didnt work) and my copy of channels, till this step, everything works great and enigma restarts every time, also after complete restart!
    I have maked a flash copy for save to do quickly reflash if i got an error while installing plugins.

    I will later try to install:
    cccam info tool

    if i got error i will post it, now i have to help a friend by doing some electric works ;-)

  • Hey,

    back again... Thanks for your effort, i had it manually installed via FTP.
    Ok, now im gona trying it step by step, first will be multi epg...

  • ok, now i installed graph multi epg and tuxtxt, and the error occours, perhaps, there musst be the problem... on the picture you can see, only this screen comes and then restarts...

  • Hi,
    something seems to be corrupt on the add-on server? When I am in 'Addon Manager' -> 'Download and Install Addons' I only see a xml-file, not the list of options. Like <!Doctype HTML Public....

    Is it working correctly for others?


  • If this happens - do these commands by ftp :-

    init 4
    killall -9 enigma2
    enigma2>/tmp/e.log 2>&1 &

    Then after 2 minutes - please post file /tmp/e.log

    Thanks, pcd.

  • Hy PCD,

    thanks for your support, here is the e-log...


    • e.log

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  • hey, im sorry, i have to go now, thannks for your support and dont stay up till morning ;-)
    I´ll see tomorrow if you got some news...