DM600PVR Enigma2 Enigma1 Combined Image Pcd 6.1

  • Hi Friends,

    This image is deleted because it is difficult for some users.

    A more simple image may be posted later.

    Sorry !

    Regards, pcd.

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  • Hi PCD,

    as always - works great! Thanks a lot!

    Only this time I wanted to use it without using the option to increase memory.
    Now it looks like there is very few memory available on the system, and I only added the WebIF + req. software. Actually the assistant to remove software is appearing now an then...

    Any suggestions what else I could delete manually on FTP? I am using it for Cable TV (no Sat) and I am not using any cards. The Box is connected to my NAS via NFS.


  • What do you use the webif for ?

    Enigma2 webinterface requires software twisted which is about 2 mb.

    The enigma1 webinterface is already installed. So - if you can manage with the enigma1 webif - please use that instead.

    kalehrl says he can get another 2 mb freed. We wait for his advice ! :)

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  • Firstly, download Dreambox Control Centre (DCC) for enigma2 and configure it to connect to your dreambox.

    Go to Tools - IPKG packages.

    To uninstall a package, select it and click on arrow 'remove package'.

    I guess you don't need enigma1 so you can erase it by removing dreambox-dfe1 package.

    The list of packages which can safely be removed can be found here:


    Some packages will have to be uninstalled before some others - for example, enigma-locale-de before enigma-dbg but you will get a message.

    Gstreamer package is the largest one but to remove it, you will have to edit status file in /usr/lib/ipkg and remove gstreamer entry from enigma2 and gstplugins-base Dependency section.

    Depends: libgobject-2.0-0 (>= 2.20.0), libgmodule-2.0-0 (>= 2.20.0), libgthread-2.0-0 (>= 2.20.0), libc6 (>= 2.3.5+cvs20050627), libxml2 (>= 2.6.32), libglib-2.0-0 (>= 2.20.0), libgcc1 (>= 3.4.4)

    This is my entry from gstplugins-base and you see I erased gstreamer from it. Do the same with enigma2 section.

    But, before you do that, open gstreamer.list file in /usr/lib/ipkg/info and delete 2 lines with and in them. Then, remove it via DCC.

    You can also remove things from here:


    After all this, you should have more that 10MB of free space. :)

  • No, gst-plugins are removed but not gstreamer, at least not in the image for 500plus. These 2 files: and are part of the gstreamer without which image won't boot.

  • Hi all,

    thanks for the fast answers - worked great. I removed many packages (some were already removed). And now I have (with the WebIf installed) more than 5MB left.

    Reason for using Enigma2 instead of Enigma1 for me is that I have the impression that the drivers are much better - when I am recording something I hardly get any stutters any more.


  • @elmartino

    You can also free another 800kb by deleting all .py files in Components, Tools and Screens with commands like :-

    rm /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/*.py

    But IMPORTANT : DO NOT Delete /usr/lib/enigma2/python/ !

  • 'm trying this image on my DM600
    Italian language support is missing
    Firefox can not establish a connection to the server
    How can I solve these problems ?

    together we grow - ferdi

  • Sorry, I do not understand what is the connection between the Webinterface and Firefox ?

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by pcd

    Sorry, I do not understand what is the connection between the Webinterface and Firefox ?

    I apologize for my bad English.
    I have encountered many problems
    1. Download Plugins ---> no new plugins found
    2. Download and install addons ---> the server is under maintenance
    3. Webinterface ---> enigma1 running ---> OK
    4. Webinterface ---> enigma2 running ---> can not establish a connection to the server
    5. No Italian language support
    I do not understand the utility to install enigma2 enigma1 together

    together we grow - ferdi

  • Hi,

    The Addon server is down. I will upload plugins to a new server today.

    Which plugins do you want ?

    I will upload Italian language.

    To go to Enigma1 - Blue button (long press) -> StartEnigma1

    Regards, pcd.

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  • Hi ferdi47,

    Please see Post 1 (above) for new download file.

    I have uploaded Italian language.

    "I do not understand the utility to install enigma2 enigma1 together"

    Enigma1 can play mp3, Enigma2 cannot play. Enigma1 Webinterface is already installed. Enigma2 Webif and software uses large flash memory space. There may be other uses for Enigma1.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • I'm in big trouble.
    After the software update, the message "all the services installed except one failed ".
    After reboot the system crashes.

    together we grow - ferdi

  • Quote

    Originally posted by ferdi47
    I'm in big trouble.
    After the software update, the message "all the services installed except one failed ".
    After reboot the system crashes.

    What software did you update ?

  • This image looks promising, but I can't get any addons to work. I've put the new download server on, but only get a selection of addons. No graphmultiepg or webinterface. I know the graphmultiepg is supposed to be installed, but it's not! All I get is GraphMultiEPG plugin is not installed Please install it with Addon Manager. It doesn't appear in addon manager. Same thing with EPGimport.

    The only three things I really need and they're not working!

    Also, you list a long list of addons, but where are they? They don't show up on the download list.

    My reason for changing to E2, is because I have a DM800 downstairs and the missus complains that the box in the bedroom works different. If I could get these things working, life would be so easier. But after two days trying, I'm starting to wonder....

  • Hi garry breezer,

    Don't worry, these will all work !

    As you can see in Post 1 - I had to start a new server. I have only uploaded so far a few items. I do not want to upload everything in the lists because I do not have time. And also because I do not know if people use them all.

    But I will upload the ones you mentioned - you will see them tomorrow ! :)

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Cheers PCD, look forward to that.

    Also, could you put the samba on? I use it as a second tuner and record stuff but play from the DM800 downstairs.