start a plugin when playing a dvd

  • Hello,

    in gemini2 5.1 dm8000 i can start a plugin (subtitle plugin) when i play a DVD

    in gp3 it is not plausible to do this.

    Is there a way to do this, or can it bild in GP3?

    gr. Chris

  • What's about yellow button for languages and yellow again for subtitles?

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  • Thanks for the replay.

    Example, I download a film, iso or dvd format as file on my hd
    I start the film and see that there is no subtitle under the yellow button
    now I want to start a plugin, Drtic or Ddamir, with this plugin I can download and start the

    In gemini 5.1 this was passable to puss the pvr when the film was already started
    an then the green button for starting a plugin.

    In GP3 I can not start a plugin when I play a film.

    Sorry for my bad englisch.


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    In old Gemini image we patched enigma2 to make that possible.

    But now the GP is a plugin. (enigma2 comes from your image)

    We do not patche enigma2 any more, but we are looking for a solution.

    What is about embedding the extra plugins function (for Drtic, ...) in our Filebowser (gemini movieplayer) mode?

    no brain no pain! :495:
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    attachment.php?attachmentid=158292 Wir wollen uns für das Update bedanken!!

  • Tanks for the replay,

    great that You try to look for a solution.

    I use Ddamir, in this plugin I can direct download a subtitle en use it,
    in Drtic I can only run the subtitle.

    And yes in the browser I can start a plugin with the blue button
    MKV, AVI, VOB, VOB one by one
    when I select a Video_ts DIR the DVD mode wil start automatic
    also ISO files, in this mode I can not start a plugin.


  • Fantastic

    tanks for the effort!!! and so fast.

    I wait for the update.


  • Still not working with Gemini3 0.32-r0

    I assign my subtitle plugin to the GREENBOTTON (long push)
    but when I in the PLAY DVD mode there is no response.

    In TV mode the quickbutton works fine.


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    So ...
    I've just tested and it works fine.

    1. Asign Plugin Browser to long green (Quickbutton)

    2. open DVD/file via: Blue (Blue panel)->Red (Filbrowser) path expl. /autofilesystem/sr0/VIDEO_TS/my-movie.vob

    3. If DVD is running, press Green long, and Plugin Browser is opening to select your plugin.

    (as well as you can asign your plugin direct to QB Green long)

  • Ok,

    i have try your way.

    Wen I do that I can only play the VOB one by one

    for example.

    Film_01_1.VOB at the end it stops and I must start the next one, and so on...

    what I want is to select a VIDEO_TS dir, so the player sees all the *.VOB files and play
    them all and this works, only in this mode I can not start a plugin.

    I hoop I explained it well.


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    geminidvdplayer_0.10-r0_mipsel.ipk online now :winking_face:

  • Great job, it works :hurra: