Unwanted transparency

  • I have black infobar, ewidget under it with black background and for all that I can see the screen picture behind infobar through the icons of format, dolby, etc. Can somebody help me how to make it not visible without changing icons?

  • hi!

    maybe you have enabled general transparency in the settings menu?

  • I will check it.
    Thank you.

    I am using eSkins and now I have found that infobar had alphatest set to ON.
    I will try to switch it off and check the result (in the evening at home).
    Hope it will help.

  • Nothing helped so I had to change the icons...
    But I do not understand how it is possilble that icons are transparent if there is not transparent ewidget and infobar under it. Can somebody explain? Or give some hint how to solve it the other way (I mean without changing icons).