DM800HD and BisTV france

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    Sorry for the english but I think that the best forum to get answer about DM is here. Thanks

    My Question is the DM800 HD compatible with new Bis Tv encoding :
    MPEG4 + AC3 digital sound.

    There is a test channel on Hotbird at : 12692/ Pol. H/ Débit Symb. 27500/ FEC 3/4. But on my DM800 I get black screen.

    Could you help me ?


  • The DM800/DM8000/DM800se/DM7020HD are all compatible with both, AC3 sound and MPEG4(h264) video streams...

    You may control if there is a signal and if it's encrypted. If it's encrypted, then you won't get any pictures/sound from that channel...

  • Hi

    I know but I talk specifically for BisTV in france that will use the french standard audio AC3+.
    I read in the DMM forum that AC3+ is not supported by the DMM could you confirm that ?


  • AC3+ isn't supported at all. This isn't because the dm800 can't handle it, but dmm hasn't bought the license for this codec and therefore isn't allowed to support it. And this situation will probably not change...

  • AC3 sound is supported, but if it's AC3+, then it may be different.
    Maybe you have success if you have an external amplifier with built-in AC3+-support, 'cause I think that the DM800 may be able to do a pass-through of the digital stream to the digital optical output.

  • Thanks for answers

    But stupid question. People from Gemini don't have the capability to add the support in the gemini image.
    Why it need to be added by DMM.

    May be it's license problem but could it be added technically speaking ?

    if yes how much it's difficult ?


  • this feature has to be implemented in the hardware drivers. And these are coded by dmm. As far as I know they are closed source too. So you don't have the possibility to add this feature.

  • It's partly right what Henni1111 said:
    The support for additional codecs needs to be added to the HARDWARE (e.g. the Broadcom-CPU) - and this can't be done by simply adding any lines of code, neither by DMM nor by any other team.

    The DM itself uses hardware decoding features - and therefor the hardware has to support the codecs used... It's the same with DivX-Videos on the DM800, the hardware doesn't support all revisions, therefor not all DivX videos are playable.The DM8000 and 800se both use other main CPUs that support that DivX-codecs - but I don't know if the CPU of the 8000 or 800se support AC3+...

    It's (nearly) impossible to add AC3+-decoding to a DM800.
    It may(!) work with an additional GStreamer-Plugin, but I think the CPU will be too slow for software decoding of the AC3+-stream. But for that you need a license to use the AC3+-codec...

  • The Broadcom Chips in all DMM HDTV-Settop Boxen (7400 for DM8000, 7401 for DM800 and 7405 for DM500HD and Dm800se) could support AC3+.
    But Dream Multimedia simply didn't buy this feature, and because of that it didn't get the microcode for this feature.
    And If DMM would want to add this feature, they had to pay broadcom for the code and therefore for the license.

    And personally I don't think that DMM will ever add a feature to all HD-Dreamboxes (and pay for this feature for every sold box) which wasn't part of your buying contract if this feature is only requested by a very small amount of customers (I only know france using ac3+)

  • As I said:
    You don't need to buy another decoder, BUT:
    You need to have an external AC3+-Decoder attached via optical connector and turn off the AC3-downmix.