Dm500plus Enigma2 Lite Image Pcd 5.1

  • Hi kalehrl,

    Please test the two attached plugins. You may also try other streaming plugins that use vlcplayer (for example newtube).

    This vlcplayer has cache and play option. So please configure it for your hdd path.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Please help me see the point of having these 2 options.

    I tried to 'save as .ts and play' some files which wouldn't play using the previous version of dailymotion plugin and the 'direct play' in the latest version but the file can't be saved. This probably means that if a file can't be played using 'direct play' option, it can't be saved to the disk. Also, files which had only sound in the previous version (myvideo) behave in the same way so again 'save as .ts and play' has no purpose.

    0.9.9 version seems to have some problems when the 'save as .ts and play' option is used.
    When I play a video using the 'save as .ts and play' and then try to play another video using 'direct play', the previous video is played. It somehow stays in the vlc memory. The only way to play the next video is to use 'save as .ts and play' or close vlc on the pc and start it again.

    Dailymotion can't be accessed via 'stream media' menu. It reports plugin dailymotion missing.

    I sometimes get a greens screen when exiting the player after using 'save as .ts and play' option.

  • Direct play - is normal vlcplayer playback of the source video file or http stream. If something does not play or the video or sound does not work - it is not a new problem. Many dailymotion videos do not work here also. Most youtube do work.

    Save as .ts and play - first converts and saves the video to the cache folder. Obviously only works for videos that can work with Direct play. While saving - it tries to play the new saved file. Mostly works, but sometimes may not. The saving will continue after leaving the plugin. Vlc on pc continues to stream.

    This means - for a long item - we can watch other stuff or go away and the saving will go on as long as the vlc on pc is not inturrupted.

    You can try to play the saved video with the VIDEO button while it is being streamed.

    To check - start plugin vlcplayer. It will tell you if saving is not complete.

    If you try to play another video before the last streaming/saving is complete the first video will be stopped.

    I am using vlc 1.1.4 and most items are ok. Now I do not have to use pc to watch the cached file from the internal hdd.


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  • Quote

    If you try to play another video before the last streaming/saving is complete the first video will be stopped.

    It doesn't happen with the vlc I'm using unfortunately.
    Is it too much trouble for you to correct dailymotion plugin reporting it is missing in 'stream media' menu?

  • Quote

    Originally posted by kalehrl

    Is it too much trouble for you to correct dailymotion plugin reporting it is missing in 'stream media' menu?

    No, it is very easy. I will do it. Probably it cannot find the new plugin name !

    Please go start plugin vlcplayer where you can stop vlc streaming.

    Attached is my new MultimediaThekPPC. It does not need any cache folder (i.e pc or hdd). Unless of course you want to save.

  • Code
    skin.SkinError: {Merlin_Magic/skin.xml}: pixmap file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/MultiMediathek/images/logo.png not found!

    It seems I'm only finding faults with your plugins :D

    Here is the fix:

  • :D That is called testing !

    Re Dailymotion - please change the name of the plugin (last line in to

    Dailymotion Player

    and restart enigma2.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Hi kalehrl,

    With our e1 e2 combined image (4.1 ?) - did you ever stream tv to pc with e1 webinterface ? If so - how ?

    I can do this with e2 webif - but twisted uses up a lot of flash space !

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Yes, streaming worked fine on both cvs and openpli enigma1.

    Try pressing a small 'vpid' button which is to the right.

    You will also notice a small 'apid' button which is used for streaming audio only.

  • With e2 and e1 webifs I get the same pids. But the e1 image - with DHCP on - I get a different ip. I will try with the e2 ip.

    I have used your mhw code and the e2 compiled for the 600. Is there any way I can check ? Of course for epg I do not need to clear the channels.

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  • I always use static addresses in e1 and e2 and all other devices in my local network.

    You can check by tuning to GUIDE TV on 19.2E in the French CanalSat package.

    Stay there for a couple of minutes and you should have 5 day epg on all CSat channels.

    Without MHW epg, you will only get now/next events - the same as on Sky UK without rytec epg :)

    p.s. guide tv is a data channel so you may have to use a channels editor to convert it to tv channel and then return the list to the receiver. You will only see black picture because it is a data channel.

  • Have you tested the MHW epg?

    If it is easier for you, you can send me the new enigma2 binary for me to test.

    I've noticed that you put rytec.channels and rytec.sources in /etc in your images. You can erase them because the path is wrong - it should be /etc/epgimport but because the rytec plugin isn't included in the image, you can erase these 2 files.

    Also, I notice a lot of .pyX, py~, .pyOrig files in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/DF2. If I understand correctly, these are your backup files which are not necessary for the image so you may want to clean them up. This cleanup, together with rytec.channels, should free some 300-400kb.

    I also have a suggestion to put mediathek plugin in stream media menu.

    I had a look at possible ways to fix volume buttons properly. With the keymap I posted recently, it is not possible to jump pages forward and backward in plugins menu (newtube, vlc, dailymotion...).
    The problem is that the volume is defined in the GlobalAction in keymap so we have to move it from there to InfobarActions.
    Possible fix would be to edit and put there VolumeControl.
    Then we should edit and define there volumeUp, volumeDown to use InfobarActions in the keymap and not the GlobalAction. Mute should only use GlobalAction.
    And, finally, in the keymap.xml we should move volume to InfobarActions.
    I tried to do it myself but the code is too difficult:

    def __init__(self, session):
    global globalActionMap

    This is from and it is very diffucult for me to change.

  • Ok, I will look at your suggestions carefully (one by one) - and clean up our image.

    At present I only made the e2e1 combined image for the 600. At bootup I have 4.8mb free space. With "increase memory" it goes up to 7.8mb.

    I will make a 500plus e2e1 combined image for you to play with.

    Please test the attached IPTV plugin. I am not happy with it yet. My vlc on pc sometimes crashes after the play is stopped.

    When the tv channel is playing - Exit (from vlc play)- then UP to see the channel list again.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • The only streams that play are slamtv and slcn_lifestyle.
    Fashion sometimes plays but later it stops.
    With others I get 'VLC is unable to open the MRL' on pc.
    It must be my old VLC but I think I will soon install latest lubuntu so it should be OK then.

  • Don't worry ! I also get only those channels. But I can get the two bbc channels with the 500hd. So those must be possible for vlc. But is it worth wasting time on this plugin ? Do you know other IPTV channels ?

  • I've sent you the list of some channels from the Balkans on pm.
    I added the first one on the list - art to the nstream.xml and tried to stream it but it wouldn't work.
    I tried playing the stream directly in vlc 1.1.7 and 0.9.9 and it played OK.

    It would be very interesting to have BBC channels because they are on Astra 2d which can only be received in the UK and the neighboring countries.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by ajdutin
    jel sada u redu image da ga ubacim ili jos ubacujete stvari u njemu

    Sorry, google cannot translate from Bosnian.

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