Dm500plus Enigma2 Lite Image Pcd 5.1

  • Great!

    I also found out that everything in the gstreamer-0.10 folder in /usr/lib is unecessary so I deleted it.

    Also, all gstreamer files except and are unnecessary.

    Then all meta packages as well.

    The same goes for a lot of files needed for modem functions such as many kernel-modules.

    I now have 3.8mb free with enigma1 and a daemon installed with both e2 and e1 channel lists.

    I will test your new image tomorrow.

    Any news about MHW epg?

  • I have also deleted the two gstreamer files you refer to (when making the image). Which meta files are not necessary ?

    Re enigma1. I have not tested your pli enigma1 - but it will probably not work here. Is it possible for you to make pli enigma1s for the 600 and 7020 - without much problem ?

    I will (slowly) look into the problems reported so far and then make a new image. I have a bad cold at the moment - so this will take some time.

    Cheers, pcd.

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    Originally posted by ajdutin
    can u tell me if u fix the problem with volumen

    We will do some tests to fix this problem. This will take some days (3 or 4). :)

  • thanks for fast reply i will check in 5 days for image and i will test on my dm 500+

  • Quote

    I have also deleted the two gstreamer files you refer to (when making the image). Which meta files are not necessary ?

    I'm afraid image won't boot without these 2 files. I remember when I erased them and ran enigma2 it reported them missing and stopped but I will check for sure when I install the latest image.


    are unnecessary. I erased them and it is all the same.

    This is the list of packages I uninstalled from your 5.1 image, not the latest.

    all gst-plugins except gst-plugins-base
    gstreamer files except except and

    I used DCC_E2 to uninstall ipks. Sometimes I had to erase some entries in dependencies from /usr/lib/ipkg/status file to be able to uninstall them.

    You can get rid of files associated with the antiquated analogue modem by erasing ${MODEM_SUPPORT_R} from

    OPENDREAMBOX_COMMON_MACHINE_R_dm500plus += "${OPENDREAMBOX_TUXBOX_R} dreambox-blindscan-utils"

    This is from openpli enigma1. No mention of ${MODEM_SUPPORT_R} here which means image is compiled without useless modem support.

    I will try to compile 600pvr and 7020 enigma1. It took me 6 hours to compile enigma1 for 500+ but I hope some files are the same for the 3 boxes so maybe it will be faster.

    Cheers and get well !

  • Those two gstreamer files are quite large. The image should boot without them (I hope). Your image does not boot because the enigma2 binary internally asks for them.

    I will look into the items you listed. But if the sizes are not very big - it is not worth risking. Anyway - grab is necessary for screenshots :-

    /usr/bin/grab -j 100

    We should not use webinterface in the lite image because that needs twisted etc with about 3mb size. Does your pli e1 image have webinterface for streaming tv to pc ?

    Re sound volume - is it serious or can you control with the tv sound ? If it is a problem - we need to test somthing why it is nok on the 500plus. Starting with the keymap.xml !

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • It is actually one file of around 900kb and the other is just a symlink to it.

    Screenshots via web interface work even if grab is removed but that telnet command probably not.

    Not only does openpli come with the web interface but it also uses zapstream for streaming which is much better than default which I think is streamts. In my openpli ipk which is posted in the thread, zapstream files are included. With zapstream, webx tv works and you can change channels without having to start streaming again.

    Older dreamboxes give a very quiet sound so I have it turned up to the max with the web interface at all times. The big remote has 2 buttons for volume and in the keymap, these are defined in the global section.
    Maybe it would be possible to have volume on arrows but then you wouldn't be able to use them in channel selection for moving to the next page. Or some other 2 buttons can be sacrificed for volume but which ones when there is not enough of them.

  • I tried the Pli e1. It does not boot.

    But I noticed it is very big - 3.8mb.

    So I do not think it is necessary for the 600 or 7020. I will use the cvs e1. But if anybody asks for the Pli - one day we will give an option.

  • I planned to let openpli for 600pvr compile over night.
    Openpli requires libsqlite and newer versions of libtuxtxt in /usr/lib.
    Nothing special.

  • ima li kakve novosti dali su proradili ta dugmeta na daljinac za ton da se smanji ili pojaca

  • Nisu jos a ne zna se hoce li uopste jer bi onda morali zrtvovati druga dva dugmeta.

    Not yet but we will see if it is possible. We would have to sacrifice other two buttons which is not good.


    Please test this openpli 600pvr ipk.

  • I've just installed your latest image and it booted nicely.

    The available space was 7.8mb but when I uninstalled some additional packages it rose to 9.9mb:

    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root 28.0M 18.1M 9.9M 65% /
    /dev/mtdblock/2 3.7M 1.4M 2.4M 36% /boot
    tmpfs 30.5M 44.0k 30.5M 0% /var
    tmpfs 30.5M 0 30.5M 0% /tmp

    Maybe I can make a backup of it and post it somewhere. As with the previous image, I didn't notice anything wrong after uninstalling. All plugins worked as before.

  • Why not here in a new thread ? Backups not allowed here ?

    It seems my image still has a few gstreamer items. I will try to get rid of them. (Or you can delete).

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  • All gstreamer files are there.

    I uninstalled them all except and

    Please test the openpli enigma1 ipk posted above.

    I will make my backup but first it is barbeque time :) Maybe in the evening or tomorrow morning.


  • nije mi jasno zasto zrtvovati 2 dugmadi na daljinac zar nisu isti daljinski pa moze da se zrtvuju 2 dugmadi za da moze da se pojacava/smanjuje ton na tv ovako ne valja

    I do not understand why sacrifice the two buttons on the remote does not even remotely the same may be sacrificing two buttons that can be increases / decreases the tone of the TV like this is not good
    Please pcd fix that problem

  • Hi,

    I tried your pli e1 ipk. It did not boot. It needs some more libs which I added - after that it asks for darkpli_8.esml. I give up because it makes the image very large.

    This is what I think I should do :-

    Make a new e2-e1 combined image with e1 cvs image. Will still have about 6mb free.

    We should try to correct some user problems. Any idea about your friend's volume problem ?

    I will also try to make a multimediathek without the pics. Then it will not need a hdd.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Quote

    It needs some more libs which I added

    You removed,, from your latest, test image for 500+. This is why I had to add these files which were included in the previous 5.1 image so I didn't add them. I don't know why it asks for darkpli skin when I put in the config to ask for xline.esml. This works for 500+ but I guess it is not the same for 600pvr.

    I tried to correct the volume in the keymap but it didn't work.

    Please have a look at dailymotion plugin as well because the search doesn't work and the top 1 to 10 video list is empty.

  • With this keymap, volume buttons work but in some menus it is not possible to jump one page forward and backward. The good news is that, in channel selection, it is possible to use arrow buttons to jump pages which is most important. :)

    Put it in /usr/share/enigma2 and restart enigma.

  • Before we finalize the next image (no hurry ! ) we try to make the pli e1 plugin work at least for the 500plus and 600.

    I recently posted the new dailymotion for the hd boxes. I will try that for ppc also.

    Plus I have changed vlcplayer to have the cache option. at present we have to download something to pc -then convert with vlc to watch or with copymedia to save to hdd. In future vlcplayer (and all other plugins using vlcplayer) will do this directly. No need for the plugin copymedia then.

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