Dm7020 Enigma2 Lite Image Pcd 5.1

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    Originally posted by JJCale
    I am the only one who have this Problem ?

    Is no one there to help ?

    Sorry, I did not see your post before.

    I wrote somewhere (cannot remember now) this :-

    If you choose to use Teletex - the remote functions change - and it is not possible to use long press buttons.

    I did not know about the recording control problems.

    You can try with the Enigma1 option in Pcd 4.1. That may work for everything - but I have not tested.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Hello,

    Just installed this image. Works fine.
    I want to install CCcam but can't find the filemanager for manual install.

    Someone have suggestions?


  • Put your ipk in /tmp and go to menu-extra setup-addon manager-manual install.
    Or even easier, download it from the server - recommended.

  • Okay......Thanks for the answer.

    ....but the Image is so good that i will liv with this little problem :winking_face:

  • hi folks,

    how do I install this image?

    I tried using FlashWizard into multiboot, bot it says something with error in installation.

    I have orig in flash and GP4.4 in multiboot now.

    thankls in advance

  • I don't think flash wizard works with .nfi images.
    You can install it with barry allen in multiboot I think but I've never used multiboot.

  • Barry Allen works fine in multiboot...use it too with oozoon image in flash!

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!

  • Hi

    i am new here

    just tested this image today and it seems fine , although i have a few problems with it.

    1- the media center 0.92 installed does not playback MP3 music

    2- there is not dreamcastnet /streamripper installed neither available on the daemons, so how can i listen to INTERNET Broadcast internet radio stations ?

    3- how can i change the bootlogo picture for something better then that one ?

    4- where should i install a startscript to run the mgcamd.135a automatically once upon bootup from image?

    5- and at last how can i fix the bug problem with the TIMEZONE, because everytime i set it correctly if i switch off at the power mains and power BACKUP again it will go straight into the DEFAULT timezone.

    cheers guys nice work

  • Hi,

    1. 5.1 does not play mp3 directly. Please use 4.1 Enigma1 option - if playing mp3 is important for you.

    2. Same as 1.

    3. Use plugin bootlogo. Or just replace the .mvi files in /boot and reboot dreambox.

    4. Install daemons with Addon Manager and then use Daemon Manager.

    5. Anybody else has this problem ?

    Cheers, pcd.

  • i have got problem with rewind recorder on hdd movies
    don`t working at all
    is any solution for this problem ??

  • Hello
    Thanks fot this wonderful image
    I can stream recordings to my pc just fine but I cant stream TV. When I press the tv button next to the channel vlc starts but then nothing.
    As I said recordings stream fine.
    Please help

  • Hi alessio - wie liest man die Boardregeln ?

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  • Can someone provide a guide or link on how to install this image to cf with barry allen multiboot?