Lcd picons iCVS-Image-dm8000-110204

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  • Hi Friends:
    I do have a dm8000 with icvs image as writen on subject.
    I do have picons working on skin.
    My question is: Is it possible to have lcd picons working also?

  • Hi, i have a skin_user.xml from a friend. This file puts the same Picons to the LCD like them in the skin. I´m not shure if it´s working also on the dm 8000. But you can try it. On my 800se it works really fine.
    But the file with ftp in /etc/enigma2 and reboot.
    If it´s not working delete the file and all is like before.
    Sorry for my english.

  • Thanks my friend.
    I'll try it and put the result

    Still the same. No picon on lcd visor

  • Hm, then it only works on 800se. Sorry!

    Männer werden nicht erwachsen, die Spielzeuge werden nur teurer!

  • Quote

    Original von senfgurke08154711
    id = 1 on dm800 and dm 8000
    id = 2 on dm800se

    That means he only have to change *id="2"* in *id="1"* and it works?

    <skin> <screen name="InfoBarSummary" position="0,0" size="96,64" id="2">
    <widget alphatest="off" position="-2,2" render="Picon" size="100,60" source="session.CurrentService" transparent="1" zPosition="1">
    <convert type="ServiceName">Reference</convert>

    Männer werden nicht erwachsen, die Spielzeuge werden nur teurer!

  • Yes
    That's o.k.

    Thanks a lot