IPCamViewer for Enigma2

  • Let me think about a generic solution.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • Hi,

    I found this Plugin by searching google, so I've registered here.

    I downloaded the Plugin, edited the conf, and I got a picture from my Instar Cams. Great. But now I've gone to the menu and switched of the PIP, and now - everytime I start the Plugin - I have a green screen and a restart. It's not possisble to get to the menu.

    Reinstalling was NOT helpfull. Green Screen everytime at Plugin Start.

    I have a Clarke Tech / Xtrend 9100 with an actual OpenPli.
    Are there some more files I have to remove somewhere?

    You can answer in german, that's better for me. :winking_face:

    Thank you


  • In /etc/enigma2/settings are several IPCamViewer settings, remove them, but take a backup of the file first as if you corrupt it it can cause the whole box to fail. The settings take the form:

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • Hi shumifan50,

    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately that didn't help. There've been 2 (!) Settings.

    I had to flash an older image and install your Plugin again. Now, it seems to work. :)
    For your compatibility List: I have 3 "INSTAR 2905" IP cams. I think, they are like Foscam.

    A general question: Are you stil working on this Plugin? Is there coming something new in future? I'm asking, because it seems, that it is not very stable. For example, it is crashing with a green screen, if I leave the settings with the "exit" Button, and deactivating PIP is also crashing....


  • As with all free software it takes a back seat to earning a living. When I have some time I will get back to it.

    The problems you are having has not been reported before - it might be related to new images or the specific STB.

    Current known problems are in the area of multi-view where it runs for a while and then crashes the STB. Single view PIP is not a problem.

    You realise that you can resize the PIP to fill the screen?

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I've seen, that I can adjust the PiP size. But, because the plugin is not stable, I think I don't want to change this. So for now it's working for me.

    Perhaps sometime is coming something new from you, I'll wait and see.

    Thank you :)


  • I have an ip address and a portnumber from a friend. I have to fill these in a program called netviewer to watch the cams.

    Now: I was wondering if it is possible with this IPCamViewer to watch these cameras?

  • suririder :
    You can use domain names as well as IP addresses to access cameras. DDNS should also work fine if the address has to be a domian URL and does not have a static IP. If the camera is on a static IP then it can be viewed directly using the IP.
    Bear in mind that if you have firewalls installed then you will have to open the port(s) for the camera(s) and set up port forwarding to the camera(s).
    Also if you expose the cameras to internet access, I suggest you use quite string passwords as a minimum security measure.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • wenn ich in die config will, dann drehen die räder und Box hängt. Wie kann man das wieder deinstallieren? oder wo sind die cfg files?

  • Hallo D4n,

    versuch es doch mal mit Lesen...
    Der Pfad steht in der enthaltenen Doku und auch mehrfach hier im Fred..


    Mit der originalen config läuft das Teil nicht, auch muss immer user / pw eingetragen sein.

    Gruß Sappi

  • Hi there.

    Tried to make this work in 7020HD with NN v3.2.2 but the device just got stuck.
    Edititng usr\lib\enigma2\python\Plugins\Extensions\IPCamViewer\IPCamViewer.conf to have only one "{camera}{}{foscam}{Kitchen}{admin}{admin}" did not work.. Has anyone got this to work with my kind of setup.

    My Camera is Mjpeg.. Just Regular Non-spesific IPcamera, no controll..
    How to compose the config?

    And how to uninstall this?

    Using "enigma2-plugin-extensions-IPCamViewer_2011-01-10_mipsel"
    Is there newer one? Where to donwload?

    DreamBox 7025+ S&T, 750GB, 1G CF, Gemini2 v4.6

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  • Hello!

    I´ve installed the first version from 1.2011...
    (It works on my 7020hd with Gemini)

    No, I´ve tried to update to version 2.0 from 11.2011.
    Copied the ipk to /temp and pressed "install"..
    Script is running, but several error messages - file is existing, no overwrite...

    Must I deinstall the old version? If yes - how?
    Just delete the folder /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/IPCamViewer/ ??

    Thanks a lot

  • hello shumifan50,

    is your plugin compatible with the sh4 processor?
    I think ist only for mips.
    i have a golden media 990 cr with a e2 image on it and want to see my ipcam on the tv.

    thank you!

  • Hallo !
    So ein Plugin habe ich schon lange gesucht !
    Top !

    Läuft es unter oe2.0?

    Muss ich für das Bild das Plugin starten und zum deaktivieren nochmals ?
    Oder gibt es ein Hot Button der das Bild PiP einblendet ?

    Bad english :

    Its Running under oe2.0 ?

    Start the PiP with a Hot Button ?

    That Would be Nice !

    Or Starting the App. And stop the App. ?




    DM800SE V2 S-(C-sundtek)
    DM500HD C-(C-sundtek)
    oe 2.0 MERLIN
    Synology ds-214Play
    MacBookPro16gb Ram
    Panasonic TX-P55VT50e

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  • geht mal 2 hoch unter 2.0 luppt es noch nicht, denke mal das er noch was macht in der Richtung.

    gruß otto

    Ich spare Strom, esse das Fleisch roh und trinke den Kaffee kalt.


  • Hello,

    after testing with "normal" ip cam - which works really fine!! -
    I´m now owner of a foscam 8918 clone (Pollin Premiumblue PIPC-011, 49 Euro(!!)).

    Cam works fine with dreambox, but I´m not able to move the cam.
    I´ve copied the comands fromthis thread into my browser and cam ist stepping with Ok response in browser.

    shumifan50: It would be great to place the move up/down /right/left comands to the center buttons on dreambox remote control and stop with ok in the middle.

    Regards Sappi

    I´ve used this comands: