IPCamViewer for Enigma2

Am Sonntag, den 2. Oktober ab ca. 9 Uhr geht das Board in den Wartungsmodus. Geschätzte Dauer: Irgendwas zwischen 12 und 24 Stunden.

Es geht hierbei um Vorbereitungen für das eigentliche Board-Update auf Version 5.5.x.

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  • ftsp:
    It is for people without an IP camera to be able to see hoe IPCamViewer works. It runs on the STB using recorded disk files of captured images rather than accessing a real camera ie. it emulates a camera.
    I dont think I will make it available again as there are unsecured cameras that can be used for testing like the camera at the Foscam development centre.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • i see, but that sounds great to play back the recorded jpg's from the /media/hdd/IPCamViewer if you do have a camera .

    no clue how to test it though, as i haven't been able to find it anywhere .

    btw, i've added several more cameras to the config, tried everything out and your plugin is top bollocks ..

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  • The normalpicture player on the STB can play back the recorded images.

    The emulator is no good for playing back recorded images in standard form. |The emulator images are named in such a way as to allow the cam movement functionality, so it is not possible to play back standard rwecordings

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • Attached an attempt at better parsing of the conf file - this is by no means perfect, but should improve things somewhat, like getting rid of extraneous spaces.

    copy the 2 files, plugin.pyo and plugin.pyc, to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/IPCamViewer. Make sure the file transfer is binary not text.


  • Hello shumifan50
    You write that the latest version of IPCamViewer at OpenPLi be found.

    At the moment there is nothing at OpenPLi! ….

    Can you provide an updated version of IPCamViewer here in the forum? Or is the version of 1 Post up to date?

    Thank you, JG

  • Attached the new version with a proper .ipk installation package and documentation. It also includes the CamEmulator .ipk installation.

    Please read the documentation in the zip file.

    You do not have to install the CamEmulator package.

    REMEMBER to save IPCamViewer.conf before installing the new .ipk

  • Ein geiles addon, kann man eigentlich beim beobachten keinen Kanalwechsel machen ?

  • After last updates of image I have a crash whenever open picture on full screen, but crashlog is empty. Picture on full screen is visible for one sec and then enigma2 restarts. Any solution?

  • Hi @ll,

    I have a Pproblem to set up the config File. Could someone help me please.

    IP Cam : Vivotek 7330


    Port 80
    Authentifizierung: disable

    Authentifizierung: disable
    Port: 554
    RTP-Port für Video: 5556
    RTCP-Port für Video: 5557

    I tryed this: and my 500HD crashed.

    VLC-Player with Link " " is O.K

    entering start_decode()
    GetMyURLImage::entering __int__()
    trying: authheader=Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=,url=
    main thread is non-idle! display spinner!


  • siggi126 :
    There is currently a problem with some cameras when authentication is disabled. I will look at the problem when I have time. It seems that even though authentication is disabled, IPCamViewer still includes basic authentication headers and some cameras then consider it an invalid access. Try enabling authentication as it might fix the problem. Otherwise you will have to try the fiddle earlier in this thread to fool the parser.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • hi,

    I enabled the authentication and tryed the better parser, but still the same Problem.


  • Siggie
    Is that "video2.jpg" a snapshot or a stream? You are playing it through VLC.
    Instead use your browser to go to the link - if you get moving video the url for the camera is wrong, it has to show a SINGLE picture from the camera.
    I would expect something like "image.jpg" - "video.jpg" might be "mjpeg" which is not supported.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

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  • A new version that avoids some crashes if there is only non-working cameras.
    Unzip and copy the plugin.* files to /usr/lib/emigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/IPCamViewer.
    Restart enigma.


  • The reason for not supporting streams are extensively covered earlier in this thread.
    I will be VERY surprised if your camera does not support snapshots - all camers that I know of does. I will be surprised if Vivotek does not. Look through this thread, I think there are settings for Vivotek. Just contact the vendor or search on the web to find the correct URL.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • hi
    i have a watchbot camera , someone here have the config for this cam , trayed with several combination and no luck.
    please need a help

  • Hi

    Kann mir jemand helfen?
    Bekomme auch nur die Zahnräder zu sehen...... :frowning_face:

    Habe folgende cfg:


    Wenn ich diereckt im Browser folgendes eingebe bekomme ich einen Snapshot


    Was mache ich denn falsch?
    Hardware: Box 500HD
    Cam Hootoo

  • Hallo,

    ich habe bei mir das eingetragen.Der Port nach der IP ist in den Einstellungen der Cam zu finden.

    {camera}{192.168.178.X.X: Port}{Hootoo}{Garten}{admin}{XXX}