New Hydra7000 Phoenix 1.09 Final Image by The_Hydra

  • New Hydra7000 Phoenix 1.09 Final Image by The_Hydra

    Fixes / New Features:
    - Playback fix (crash at the end of recordings)
    - Web Interface 2.8
    - USB boot fix

    - 1.09 kernel (2.6.9)
    - 1.09 enigma (2005.02.17)
    - Front Processor version 1.05 (with keyboard mouse fixpack)
    - Rdgdedit v1.7
    (Radegast Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
    - Scamedit v1.0
    (SCAM Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Edits SCAM config and key files. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
    - Sm@rtCAM v1.2
    (Sticky interface. Makes it easy to stick channels and providers to a softCAM)
    (To invoke rdgdedit or scamedit press ok on the softCAM in the list field.)
    - Newcedit v1.0
    (NewCamd Edit Plugin by ruDREAM. Source shared with The_Hydra, a BIG THX to NiL. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
    - Control Panel v2.0
    (To customise just add /var/etc/mycpanel.xml. Invoked by green button.)
    - Addons / Plugins invoked by yellow button.
    - Audio Priority Settings plugin by PLi. Source shared with The_Hydra, a BIG THX to PLi.
    - Camd files in /var/bin for ease of use
    - Password change allowed by user to any password
    - Modified Simple and Stylish skin with crypt icons and active SoftCam in OSD.
    - OSD supports Green Button - C-Panel, Yellow Button - Plugins, Blue Button - Sm@rtCAM
    - SNR meter in the OSD
    - Internet images updates
    - Working DHCP support
    - Bullz_text ready - C-Panel has bullz menu. Thanks to bullz (Still wating for his 1.09 compile!)
    - WIFI ready - /var/etc/init now checks for WIFI
    - Ability to move the whole /var directory to USB or HDD
    - Games ready - libfx library now bundled with image (Still wating for the 1.09 compiles!)
    - USB Format and Tools now added to C-Panel
    - Addon Manager to uninstall and manual install addons
    - CIFS enabled
    - Libjpeg lib built by The_Hydra
    - Libungif lib built by The_Hydra - For new standard enigma picviewer
    - PicViewer standard built into enigma
    - Web Interface: 2.8
    - TS filesize selector for your recordings (650Mb, 700Mb, 800Mb, 1Gb, 1.5Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb)
    - PMT file logic for more stable zapping
    - Several C-Panel servers (mirrored throughout the world for faster downloads, BIG THX go to JAX, GraveR, TFH and cwispy)
    - No softcams onboard ALL to be downloaded
    - Tuxtxt v1.83
    - Backup & Restore, Swapfile, Spiderinfo and Netpilotscript by Littlesat
    - Encrypted Control Panel. You may customise your own C-Panel by editting /var/etc/mycpanel.xml.
    Any settings added in this file will be concatenated to the end of the encrpyted C-Panel.
    - Enigma config enhancement. Edit /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/config. Source shared with The_Hydra thx to PLi.
    i:/ezap/osd/hidebginradiomode=00000000 = no background (when set to 1)
    i:/ezap/osd/hideinradiomode=00000000 = osd hide after...(when set to 1)
    i:/ezap/osd/timeout=00001770 (Hexadecimal value for 6000ms)
    - The_Hydra on-line news service, be the first to see announcements!!!

    - Also a BIG THX to many users for the offers and suggestions they brougth to The_Hydra Team!

    Control Panel:
    You may customise your own C-Panel by creating your own /var/etc/mycpanel.xml.
    Any settings added in this file will be concatenated to the end of the encrypted C-Panel.

    - Howto create mycpanel.xml:
    - Create a new file with a linuxeditor (e.g. UltraEdit-32)
    - Name it "mycpanel.xml"
    - Use the following syntaxes to create your own Control Panel:

    For Example:

    <directory> # Start of MyControlPanel
    <category name="Category name..."> # Begin of the category
    <tarball name="Download name..." url="http://www_url/file_name.tar.gz" target="/"/> # Downloading and extracting a tar.gz zipped file
    <softcam name="Emu name..." url="http://www_url/emu_name.tar.gz" target="/"/> # Downloading and extracting a tar.gz zipped emu file
    <file name="Download (key)file..." url="http://www_url/SoftCam.Key" target="/var/keys/SoftCam.Key"/> # Downloading and copying a (key)file to the wanted directory
    </category> # End of the category
    <separator/> # Line between the categories
    <category name="Category name..."> # Begin of the category
    <execute name="Name binary exe file..." target="/var/bin/bin_exe_filename" confirmation="true"/> # Executing a binary exe file
    <plugin name="Plugin name..." configFile="plugin.cfg"/> # Executing a plugin
    <execute name="Script name..." target="/var/bin/"/> # Executing a script
    </category> # End of the category
    </directory> # End of MyControlPanel

    - Save it and FTP it to your box: /var/etc/mycpanel.xml
    - Start Control Panel via the green button on your remote controll and see your own made control panel under the The_Hydra Control Panel...

    Standard Addons:
    - Satellites XML Loader 1.5
    - Start Ngrab recording
    - Stop Ngrab recording
    - TuxText

    Downloadable Addons/Plugins:
    - AutoSatXml v1.5
    - Bulz_text v0.3.0
    - Dreambox Weather Forecast v1.4.1
    - DreamNetcast Plugin v1.0
    - Easylogo v1.1
    - IMDB movie info plugin v.1.0.1
    - Jukebox Plugin v0.6.2
    - Links Web Browser (only for the use on USB/HDD)
    - MV - EPG v.B3.1(USB/HDD) (Once downloaded use double click red button to access)
    - Picviewer Plugin v1.1.0
    - RSS Reader v1.5
    - Samba
    - Shell_tool v1.1.0
    - SysInfo Plugin v0.8.2
    - TuxCalc Plugin v0.4.1
    - Tuxcom Plugin v1.7
    - Wifi Plugin v1.2.1 thx to daf2000, lologuy and rongogo
    - VLC Plugin v0.1.5

    Downloadable Channelsettings: (Now automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)
    - Joske Settings (-rotating; -astra1, hotbird, astra2; -astra, hotbird; -astra)
    - PET123 Rotating Settings

    Downloadable Games:
    - None, all need to be recompiled against the 1.09 CVS

    Standard Language:
    - English

    Downloadable Languages:
    - Croatian Hrvatski
    - Czech Cech
    - Danish Dansk
    - Deutsch Deutsch
    - Dutch Nederlands
    - Finnish Suomi
    - French Français
    - Greek
    - Hungarian Magyar
    - Italian Italiano
    - Norwegian Norsk
    - Polish Polski
    - Portuguese Portuguese
    - Romanian Român
    - Russian
    - Slovak Slovaški
    - Spanish Español
    - Swedish Svenskt
    - Turkish Türk

    Standard Skin:
    - Simple and Stylish

    Downloadable Skins:
    - Anex
    - Anex 2
    - Astro
    - Autoradio
    - Carbon
    - Dreamers
    - Gnome
    - Gold
    - Hydra RuLook 4:3
    - Hydra RuLook 16:9
    - Hydra Stone 4:3
    - Hydra Stone 16:9
    - Liquid
    - Metalik
    - Plastics
    - Silver2
    - Skully
    - Small Special
    - Solo
    - Super Mario
    - Surfer
    - Tropic
    - Tropic BIG LCD
    - Ultra Light
    - V9
    - Wise

    Standard SoftCAMS:
    - None, ALL downloadable via Control Panel now!

    Downloadable SoftCAMS:
    - CAMD3 v3.681
    - CS_CLNT v1.13
    - F-BISS CAMD (42EAST)
    - MGCAMD v20.01.2005
    - NEWCAMD v5.28
    - RADEGAST v3.14 beta
    - SCAM v12.09
    - SCAM v25.11
    - SCAM v2.5

    This plugin allows you to seamlessly select your softCAMs and allows you to stick/unstick (remember/unremember) your softCAMs by both channel and provider.

    This image does not contain any keys or rom files.

    It is up to the enduser to add them should he wish to use this image other than with a legal subscription card.

    The Hydra team is NOT responsible for any unauthorised use of this firmware.

    <<<<<<<<<< U MUST FLASH ERASE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Please flash erase this image after you install it:

    As booting up your Dreambox HOLD IN the UP ARROW button on the box until the message "Flash Erase" appears on your LCD

    Failure to do this may give an error message "Cannot Parse /var/etc/cpanel.xml"



    Many thanks from The_Hydra.

    ist in database

    Homebase for the PolarTeam

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  • Aktuelle Camd3 ist übrigens über C-Panel downloadbar ...

    (Oben im Info-Text stand noch die alte Version)

  • Ja wo isses denn??? In der 7000er Gruppe unter Hydra jedenfalls nicht, und unter sonstige auch nicht .......

    Grüsse, Udo

    DM7020HD mit experimental Image (; GP3, und diversen Plug-In's.
    Synology NAS DS212+ als Film-Speicher.
    TV-PrimeTime Recorder App. für iPad2

  • ...kann zwar Plugins downloaden, aber nix funtzt !
    Sogar die Sprache geht nicht !
    Kann zwar Deutsch auswählen, bleibt aber englisch !
    Softcam kann ich auswählen, geht aber nicht, wenn ich das nächste mal
    ins emu-menü schaue ist Softcam wieder weg und es steht default da !?
    Was mache ich falsch ??