Motor - Gemini 5.1 to ICVS

Am Sonntag, den 2. Oktober ab ca. 9 Uhr geht das Board in den Wartungsmodus. Geschätzte Dauer: Irgendwas zwischen 12 und 24 Stunden.

Es geht hierbei um Vorbereitungen für das eigentliche Board-Update auf Version 5.5.x.

Euer IHAD Team
  • Hi.
    I have a DM 8000 and Gemini 5.1 image working on flash. Motor working fine also.

    Question: It's possible to flash with the new ICVS image and restoring my motor settings?

    Best Regards

  • why not, but better change to the default skinn before saving your settings, otherweise you could have troubles when restoring it when this skinn is not installed (yet)

  • Yuuuuupi.

    Thanks for the reply and the remembering.
    Because i have non usuals motor settings it's always a problem to do it again....


  • All your setitngs are in the settings (guess why thei are named that way). Only if you have a special satellites.xml you should make sure that is is included in your settings backup, but this is normally the case.

    And with settings backup I mean what enigma2 produces on the box, NOT what a settings editor saves on a PC.

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