dtv-hd-le Gemini2 4.6

  • hello,

    i have a dreambox 800 HD. i use dtv-hd-le skin.

    I would like to modify the file skin.xml to have on my Gemini2 4.6 image the progressbar in the main channel list in yellow as in the gemini2 5.1.
    I have found the line to modify but, when I modify my file xml, I have a crash when loading with the dreambox. Can somebody help me?



  • gemini2 4.6 has no support for progressbar in channellist

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Maybe that I am badly expressed. ?(
    I would like to put in yellow the text after the Channel (In the channel selection menu).
    Sorry for my bad english

  • hi!

    this feature of enigma2 was created by DMM and does work in gemini since 5.0, not before.