DreamConcinnity-HD mod by zbigzbig20

  • DreamConcinnity-HD-gp3-mod by zbigzbig20

    Thx kerni for great base skin :)

    How to install? Just use Dream Explorer from vali or Gemini3 FileBrowser ,copy to /tmp ipk package and install from it. Or from Gemini3 BluePanel addons...

    How to uninstall? Simply... If you installed my skin from Gemini3 Blue Panel [Addons] just delete it there. If you installed my skin from ipk pack manually just in telnet write this command:

    ipkg remove gp-skin-dreamconcinnity-hd

    What's new:


    - updated for GP3 Plugin...
    - other improvements...

    Archive contain:


    - DreamConcinnity-HD (also lite version)

    In this version you can configure 11 sensors! For the best look I prefer:

    But latest decision I leave to you!

    Main font for skin is updated for polish people (with english/german it look also good) I don't now how it look with other languages... You can always use your favourite font.

    If you like prevous font just Use this attached font. Just extract and copy file by ftp HandelGotDBol.ttf to /usr/share/enigma2/DreamConcinnity-HD/fonts/ restart gui and font should be like in prevous (older) versions!

    Btw. If something is cut on your screen just adjust Infobar position in Gemini3 BluePanel Main Options !

    If you want new spinner just extract all from my pack and by ftp copy and overwrite to /usr/share/enigma2/skin_default/spinner/ all pngs from your favourite spinner or all spinner directory!

    If you want new radio background just extract from my pack and by ftp copy and overwrite new radio.mvi to /usr/share/enigma2/

    Remember: If you want support for Second-InfoBar (now lite infobar) just install addon from attached link below :

    SecondInfoBar Download/How To...

    Skin is tested and working great :)

    Some Screens:

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    Original von dubious

    When using Mgcamd information shown in bottom bar is very linited, other skins of yours I've used before always showed detailed inf.


    yes zbigzbig20 has forgotten to include his own converter

    this one you can configure in blue panel

    ps. zbigzbig20 essential72 next please :)

    Mfg rag

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    Original von dubious
    Thanks but I can't find that in my BP

    blue-panel/setup-camd/show ecm-infos ... set infobar and press red (for edit)

    <-> Astra 19.2° <->

    <-> MTV unlimited <-> Kubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" <->

  • sorry aber das sieht so irgendwie nach nn2 aus!
    also nach newnigma2 das von gp3 is schon irgendwie besser!

    1 Box Dreambox 900 UHD l DVB-C T2 Dual 3TB Festplatte
    2 Dreambox 820 HD DVB-C Dual 1TB Festplatte
    3 VU Solo SE V2 DVB-C Dual 1TB Festplatte

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    yes zbigzbig20 has forgotten to include his own converter

    I'm not forgotten :winking_face: In this skin I am using ecm line from Gemini3 Plugin as default. It is good for cccam. Gemini Team should also add extended ecm info line for mgcamd because many people using this emu. But if you want my extended ecm line just edit skin.xml and delete this line in SecondInfobar screen:

    <widget source="global.ExpertLabel" render="Label" position="270, 166" size="830, 20" font="Regular; 17" backgroundColor="black" halign="left" valign="top" transparent="1" noWrap="1" />

    and paste this line for it:

    <widget source="session.CurrentService" render="Label" position="270, 166" zPosition="2" size="830, 20" font="Regular; 17" valign="top" halign="left" transparent="1" backgroundColor="black">
          <convert type="ExtraInfo">ProvID_CaidID_Source</convert>

    save changes, restart GUI and you will have my extended ecm info good for cccam, mgcamd...

    bierutek, I like SecondInfobar and It will be as default in my mod skins.


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    Original von zbigzbig20
    Temp working only with DM8000 :)

    not true, on dm500hd and 800se also

    dau bleibt dau, daran kann der beste dev nichts ändern<br><br>

  • how i can make "off" percentage and move short description to the right in channel list? is it possible?

  • jack, maybe . But I have only dm8000 and heard that it is not working with dm800. Good to know.

    wolf, percentage is gemini3 improvement. For other your questions just use e2Skinner and have fun :winking_face:


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    Originally posted by JackDaniel

    not true, on dm500hd and 800se also

    OK, what about dm800?

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    OK, what about dm800?

    Nothing. If you want you can see System Load instead of Temperature but for this you have to use vali renderer and modify little bit skin.xml :)