DM600pvr Enigma2 Enigma1 Combined Image Pcd 4.1

  • Hello!

    This image works fine for me, need an Enigma 2 image cause i got some applications that is not compatible with Enigma 1. I want to use this box without a TV and just record TV and stream to computer and my XBOX360.

    Is it possible to get ushare or some other DLNA server running on this image?


  • Hi there,
    i have a little inquiry if you don't mind,
    i have dm600pvr, there is an ipad application that lets me watch dreambox on ipad, it's called (Dreambox LIVE),
    but it needs Enigma2 installed on Dbox, should the PCD 4.1 work with this application?

  • Hi i try the app on pcd 5.1 with my dm7020 and it dosen't work .
    It's only work on my dm8000 .


    DM One UHD
    DM 7080HD SSSS
    DM 8000 SST
    DM 800se ohne Tuner

  • Super, danke schön.
    noch was... gibt es ne Möglichkeit, den TV-Browser zur Aufnahmesteuerung mit diesem Image zum laufen zu bringen ?

  • Hi

    Again thanks PCD for yet another great image!

    Was real easy to get up and running.

    Anyone has an idea how to make it default to a specific audio / subtitle on the TV channels ?

    Everytime I flash or sometimes random I have to chose the Audio button and set my lingo again?

    Danish audio and Daish subs whenever posible ?

    Is it posible to setup partner box between this DM600 image and and VUPlus DUO enigma 2 open pli image ?

  • Hi,

    Q1. I will look into it. :)

    Q2. It is possible to install Partnerbox to stream from another box (at least from a 800 reported ok). Streaming out with nfs possible with an enigma1 image.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Q2. Thanks :)

    Q1. Btw. It might be in the Enigma2 part, I have more or less the same challenges on another box (VUDUO+) with E2 open PLI.