Cable scan problem with the Pcd 3.1 enigma2 image

  • Hi,

    elmartino wrote :-

    " hans753 solved the scanning issue:
    "The scan seems to work if you change the scanning method.
    It seems to work this way: Tuner Configuration. In German "Typ der Kanalsuche" Set it to Provider."

    Yesterday I updated to 3.1 (even if I was happy with 2.2...) and it works just great.

    Of course some steps are required with an attached NAS:
    - update with new image
    - I deleted via ftp the smbd file
    - In mount manager I added my NAS
    - reboot
    - increase memory (hdd)
    - scan chanels
    - install software

    I found only one issue: somehow the webinterface seems to be updated. This results in Firefox to strange messages at the TeleVision tab (ERROR: ReferenceError). After searching in the forum I found out, that you have to clear the Firefox cache. I do not have Gears installed.

    Also I saw that now upnp-related packages are offered. Only I could not find an app using it. Did I miss something?

    Now everything works fine :-)"

    Then hans753 wrote :

    "Today I installed the new version, too. I can confirm that the problem still exists on the DM600 PVR-C
    I tried to fix the bug, but it didn't work.
    The problem is located in the file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/ in line 161, the problem (IndexError: list index out of range)
    This line causes the problem
    tmpstr += data[1]

    The problem is, that data[1] doesn't contain any data.
    It seems like data, doesn't contain any data at all."

    Will it be ok if - in the next image - I remove the possibility of crash ? You can still do cable scan using the "Provider" option ?

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • with "Sendersuche mit Provider" I can not change Q64 to Q256 - and manual search does not variy the frequencey.
    Does anyone know, where I can find the configuration for the "Proider search"?

    Would help, because the provider changed from Q64 to Q256!

    Until then the image worked really fine and the workaround did it.

    Frequency search leads to green screen.

    Has anyone a idea where to search for the configuration, that sets the serarch for provider?


  • Hi pcd,

    you plan to fix the cable-scan in the next release.
    Have you any idea, when that could be?

    I cannot use the box until then with the image, and it ist the one and only.

    Best regards Thomas

  • Hi,

    I looked into this quickly - but did not have much time. Sorry ! has these lines :-

    if data[0] == 'OK':
    print str
    parm = eDVBFrontendParametersCable()
    qam = { "QAM16" : parm.Modulation_QAM16,
    "QAM32" : parm.Modulation_QAM32,
    "QAM64" : parm.Modulation_QAM64,
    "QAM128" : parm.Modulation_QAM128,
    "QAM256" : parm.Modulation_QAM256 }

    It seems - it allows QAM256. So - I do not know what the problem is.

    What exacly do you see when you try to scan ?

    Also, does your cable scan work with an enigma1 image ?

    Please telnet these commands :

    init 4
    killall -9 enigma2
    enigma2>/tmp/e.log 2>&1 &

    Next - try to do a scan. Then post the file /tmp/e.log. You may pm to me this file.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • Hi,

    Please replace the file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Screens/ with the attached.

    Restart enigma2. Then try to do a scan using the Provider workaround.

    Cheers, pcd.

    Attachment deleted -did not work.

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  • Hi,

    I tried your file - but the provider-scan only scans QAM64 and stopps with zero results.
    Somewhere the configuration for provider scan has to be set - but I cant find it in the

    Can you see anything in the enclosed crashlog?


  • Quote

    Originally posted by taitlth

    I tried your file - but the provider-scan only scans QAM64 and stopps with zero results.
    Somewhere the configuration for provider scan has to be set - but I cant find it in the

    You can try this :

    In /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/ - change ths line :-

    nim.cable.scan_mod_qam64 = ConfigYesNo(default = True)

    to :-

    nim.cable.scan_mod_qam64 = ConfigYesNo(default = False)

    and restart enigma2.

    qam256 is already default=True.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • I am afraid, that did'nt work.
    The provider scan only scans QAM64.

    But I found a workaround:
    got the list of freqiemces from the provider and used the manual scan for the interesting frequencies.

    Now it works!

    Best regards


  • Did you try this before ?

    I thought only 'Privider scan' was possible. Manual frequency scan gave a crash !

    Please explain what works - as I do not have cable tuner. So I do not know what are manual scan settings.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • I did not try that before - seemed to be to much work to check all the frequencies manually, and I did not have the important frequencies.

    what leads to crash:
    - set tuner to any other type of scan than "provider"
    - start automatic scan
    => crash

    what works:
    - set teh tuner to any type of scan
    - start manual scan, configure with QAM264 and with frequency 1
    - start manual scan, configure with QAM264 and with fequency 2
    => all detected stations are in the list, the rest works perfect!

    I hope, the description is clear enough.