NFS or CIFS or uPnp

  • Hi,
    congratulations for the Gemini project.
    I have tested all possible images on my DM800 and can assure you that it is the most powerful and stable.
    After a month of testing I decided to stay on this image.
    I hope the project goes forward.

    My question is :
    I have a NAS (Synology) which supports NFS, CIFS and UPnP and all are enabled.
    Through NetworkBrowser I found my NAS and mounted the video folder.
    In the MountManager I see the mounted folder.
    When I go with the MediaPlayer in the folder /hdd/net or /hdd/uPnP I don't see anything.
    What tests have I do to watch my DIVX on my NAS and display them on TV ?

    Thank you,

  • Hi

    Have not al lot of expirience with the networkbrowser.

    But I would recommend to use the automounter.
    But uninstall networkbrowser first via software manager.

    To mount u can use die automount Editor in BluePanel.
    Or u edit the file in /etc.

    Mount are located in /media/net/xxx.

    And what Box are u using is it a 800 or a 8000?
    Via nfs can u only watch supportet formats => Click

  • Thank you for yours informations.

    Do you know or have experience what can be done if I enable uPnp client on my DM800 ?
    If my NAS support the uPnp as server uPnp ?

  • Sorry do not use upnp for streaming.
    Do not like it very much

    Use it only for streaming media to PS3 from the dreambox.
    But even that is only for testing purpose.

    Or to stream media (mp3) to iphone.

    Thats it.

    I do only stream media that is supported to the box.
    But i have a dm8000 that box supports more formats
    than the dm800.

    And the 800 box does not like xvid,
    only if u transcode it via pc and vlc plugin.

    But that is an other story

  • Hi,
    thank you for responding me.
    I used the automount editor and mounted my NAS video folder, but my DM800 doesn't visualize anything inside the folder.
    Have you any idea ?
    Do you recommend me to share as CIFS ?

    Another question...why DM8000 can play DIVX and DM800 no ?
    I don't see problem to stream DIVX by the DM800 hardware.
    I tell you that I stream and show video in / from my pentium 2 to XBXO360.
    The DM800 hardware is a lot more powerful then my PII.
    Why the VLC player installed on the DM800 can't play from LAN DIVX ?
    Exist a real motivation or only a commercial excuse ?

    Thank you,