Turn Wire network to wireless?

  • Now I use a cable to connect my DB. How to use a wireless wifi? What is the easiest way?

  • Game Adapter on LAN Port. USB 1.1 is too slow

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  • How do I look for it? Is that how it is called, just LAN game adapter??. Any particular brand or model number?

  • You can use a Wireless Access Point in Client or WDS mode. It functions as a bridge between WiFi and Ethernet.

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    whats about dlan?

    In theory it should work. But be aware that all powerline solutions depend
    on the wires you have in your flat/house. If you have bad or old wires in the wall,
    you could have problems with powerline.

    I used to use a powerline solution from linksys (200Mbit). I got
    transfer rates about 2-3 MB/s. Now I switched to normal ethernet and I
    got about 7-9 MB/s


    DM8000 via NFS an QNAP TS439 4TB RAID 5