Cool down Dream 800hd

  • I noticed that time appeared different 3AD who faced the problem of significant heating of the Dream 800HD, to ensure that these posts be lost this one 3AD suggest that please do not pollute with other issues so that is a real guide for anyone preparing to intervene in an attempt to make an action of "cooling".

    To give a rough indication will place two new photos taken with FLIR, after two hours of operation of the decoder.

    You can clearly see how the temperature inside and where it is more high, what more does not seem to be warming as the tuner and 'read more' times in various posts, but it 's certainly an area which is immediately below , solutions which have an installed base of fans are under the tuners seem the most 'well chosen, although they require some expertise in the dismantling and subsequent "reconstruction" of the Dream.
    Indeed the call at those who had already 'posted elsewhere such solutions to bring this 3AD that can' become a real vademecum that will result this season hot 'certainly should ;)