Dm600pvr Enigma2 Pcd 2.2

  • I used to use it for recording films. But now all my 'favourite' channels are black I have not tested for a long time !

  • Hi,

    I have not had this error. But I will try to find out where this error message is in the code.

    The problem with the enigma2 code is that it is "experimental" - the developers are changing sections all the time - to improve things for the hd boxes (and make things worse for the other boxes !) .

    Cheers, pcd.

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    Originally posted by kalehrl
    have you tried running enigma2 from the console?

    Yes, I do it for debugging. Try :-

    init 4
    killall -9 enigma2
    enigma2 > /tmp/e.log 2>&1 &

    Then you get the log in /tmp/e.log

    After you copy e.log delete it in /tmp or Reboot. Otherwise it will keep getting large.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • I already know how to start enigma via telnet (I learned it at the beginning when you made the first image for 500+ :)) and whenever I switch the channels, after around 10s I get this error in the output with a small audio glitch. I will post the complete e.log in a short while.


    • e.log

      (58.49 kB, downloaded 4 times, last: )

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  • Hi,

    found a 2 new "problems":
    fast forward in a internal hdd film is not working - i get a popup telling me, that fast forward is not working and i should use the keypad to jump...
    Is there a workaround to make fast forward working again?

    and: shift+radio = instant record (it is written in the help screen), but seems to do nothing


  • Hi,

    I think fast forward works with 9 in the numbers pad. Or 3 - I cannot remember.

    Red button -> Instant record - does not work ?

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • Ah, Red Button for Instant Rekord Works... So the help screen is wrong...

    But fastforward Thing: with the keypad it jumps only few seconds , but with gemini enigma1 i had 4x, 8x, 16x Fast forward...


  • HI again,

    narrowed down a new failure/problem:
    i realized that every day when i switch on my TV, the pictures is frozen... I have to switch the channel, then it works (the dreambox is always on)

    It seems that everytime a commercial break comes, then the picture freezes...
    as i remember on the gemini1, everytime a commercial breake comes, the resolution is changing... so I think the resolution change or perhaps it is just a aspect ratio change, freezes somehow the picture - sound is still working normal...


  • I have had some runups to getting this image working on my DM600, but it just goes into endless loops.
    I am sure I do something wrong.

    I have had this answered before but now I cant find the answer anhymore :rolleyes:

    How do I make a FULL backup, preferable to an reflashable .NFI file.

    My about says:

    Enigma: 2010-04-26
    Image: Experimental 2010-05-01

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    How do I make a FULL backup, preferable to an reflashable .NFI file.

    Copy these 3 files to /usr/bin.

    chmod 755 on all files.

    Then in telnet type:

    cd /usr/bin /your/mount/location

    For example, I have my hdd mounted on media/hdd so I type: /media/hdd

    I tested and it works both on enigma1 and pcd's enigma2 images.

  • thank you for the enigma2-image for dream600 - now it looks similar to my dream7025!

    The only problem I have is the conax-encryption.
    I have an original key-card from Liwest, but that does not work with any of the softcams.
    Have you any idea, what I could check or change?

    How could I intstall any other softcam manually?

    Thanks for your help!

    dream600 dvb-c with conax

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    Original von taitlth

    Have you any idea, what I could check or change?

    go to the console and check with "ps aux" if the cam is really running!
    in my case in the frontend it says active but it wasn`t... so you can start it manually from commandline...


  • thank you for the hint.

    If I use cccam2.1.4 I have plenty oft those processes, at least 5.
    All the other cams (from the plugins) seem not to start any process.

    the script emu_info shows/finds exactly nothing. also does nothing.

    Any idea, how to change the start-script or what files of ccam2.0.11 has to be placed in what directory to install manually?

  • If you install CCcam2.14 from Extra setup -> Addon Manager, the cam scripts are in /usr/script/cam. The cam binary is in /usr/bin/cam

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • PCD, thank you for the fast respond.
    The info helped me to play with the scripts and to try modifying a little bit.
    I assume, that the script for Scam3.58 does not work appropriate, because there is no process "scam.ppc" after executing.
    As I am not that experienced I would ask you, I you could check that in your configruation.

    my latest results:
    cccam does not work with the conax-card - maybe configurtation of frequency ...
    scam works perfectly, but the script does not start.

    - I copied /usr/bin/Scam.ppc to /usr/bin/CCcam.ppc
    - I started in the menue the cam CCcam_2.4.1
    => there was the picture!
    Not beautiful, but it works.

    PCD, thank you for the E2-image. As a user of 7025 I really feel at home at the 600PVR, and even my mother in law can handle it!

    I think in the script for Scam there is a problem with a capital letter starting /usr/bin/Scam.ppc instead of /usr/bin scam.ppc.
    (I was not able to change the script, my configuration WIN7/filezilla/notepad damages the files by editing)

  • Hello pcd.

    My Question:
    I have mounted my NFS-Store with the Records.
    Can installed the Videothek-Plugin on your Image ?
    My Records space is on a nfs-storage with subfolders, without the Plugin
    i can not Play this Records...

    When test the ipkg install comes this:

    Thanks for your reply.


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