Dm600pvr Enigma2 Pcd 2.2

  • I made another conversion but this time to .ts file and it is played by dreambox.

    The previous .ps file didn't play. I tried renaming it to .ts and .mpg file but didn't work.

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    Originally posted by kalehrl
    I have just made a .ps file of around 40MB.

    I can play it with vlc.

    How did you make this file ? What was the command ?

    I assume you only use command line with linux vlc ?

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  • No, I'm not familiar with command lines except those frequently used with dreamboxes.

    I struggled at first but then came to a conclusion that you cannot convert it with a url which is in the format you posted here.

    You have to go to media - open network stream - paste the url - play.

    Then go to tools - media information and copy address in the field location (at the bottom).

    Then again media - open network stream and paste the address, choose the name of the file (don't forget .ts extension), type (mpeg2) and wait till the conversion is over.

    It works with both 1.1.0 and 0.9.9 versions.

    Resulting .ts file is playable by dreambox.

    So basically, a small link needs to be created into a bigger in order to be transcoded.

    For example, this link



  • Thanks. I will try tomorrow.

    I think I can make the bigger url from the smaller url by opening it in a web browser and looking into the source. That is what the dreambox youtubeplayer plugin is supposed to do ! I will test this.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • hi pcd!

    You are right! Youtube is again working with both vlc 1.1.0 and 0.9.9!!!

    Great news! Thank you very much.

    If you remember you had to edit a file to prevent crashing enigma when performing search function. Here is the log:

    cheers mate!

  • the image very great and stable

    dm600 with cf

    great work pcd, fast fixes.... keep it!

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    How do you get this error ?

    Simply by entering a search term and pressing green button to search.
    So basically search function crashes enigma and I can only watch videos in play lists and favourites.

    If you remember, you had to patch before for search function to work. Please see:


    I tried this corrected file but it cannot play anything.


    I tried search function with the corrected file from the link above and it doesn't crash enigma but with it no videos play.
    So you have to apply your patch to the new file. :)

  • I've fixed it!!

    I took a look in the crashlog and found the faulty line in

    I then compared file which crashes enigma with the one which doesn't and erased extra lines.

    Here is the working one:

  • Thank you ! You are very good at investigation ! :)

    MUZU tv and Metacafe have many good videos. If you can find the video download (or streaming) url from those sites - it will be great.

    Mozilla Download helper plugin shows the url of MUZU videos - but I cannot see the url numbers in the web page source.

    Example :-…ic-video/16620?country=gb

    Cheers, pcd.

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    Thank you ! You are very good at investigation ! smile

    That's what too much free time does to a man. :)

    I can't watch the video from the link because it is not available in my country.

    Maybe we can see the link by using a program for downloading flash video such as Replay Capture but I'm not sure.

  • Hi!

    It's not possible to install the tuxtxt-plugin in the addon manager. the plugin is not installed. there is only a blank screen when installing.
    can you fix it?


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    Originally posted by pin1

    It's not possible to install the tuxtxt-plugin in the addon manager. the plugin is not installed. there is only a blank screen when installing.
    can you fix it?


    When do you see the black screen ?

    The plugin did not download ? Do you see any text on the screen ?

    Cheers, pcd.

  • I had the same problem. It won't install via addon manager in the latest image.

    You have to install it via telnet.

    FTP it to /tmp folder and then type:

    ipkg install /tmp/*.ipk

  • I experimented with different addons downloaded from the experimental feed for 7025+ on dreamboxupdate and to my surprise found that many plugins work on ppc without any modification. :)

    These are the plugins which I tested and which work:

    EmailClient - newer version than on the server with notification and different font for read and unread messages which is useful.

    Filebrowser - for copying, renaming, deleting files on dreambox and mounts.

    IMDb - for searching movies; if you have Italian or Spanish name you can see the english original. The plugin can be very slow sometimes.

    SimpleRSS - for viewing rss feeds.

    ZDFMediathek - for viewing videos from ZDF; in German of course.

    Dreamexplorer - from ihad; similar to filebrowser plugin.

    GraphMultiEPG - from ihad; graphical epg instead of standard.

    Here are some screenshots:

  • Thank you very much !

    I will check and upload to our image server before the next release.

    Some (eg. filebrowser) are already on the server.

    Plugins with binary files (.so) and those using pictures (eg. googlemap, webcam, pictureplayer) do not work directly. I modified them for ppc.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • hi pcd

    I just found a newer version of vali's skin x2line, x2line_3_0. I remember the version on the server used to crash enigma a lot but this one seems to work flawlessly without any modifications. :)