Dm600pvr Enigma2 Pcd 2.1

  • In /data/main.xml - there are 3 timer screens. Please try by change the size in all.

    The timeshift screen is in the image - not in vali. I will find it and change for you. :) But timeshift does not work fo the 600 (yet). So it probably not work for the 500plus.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • There are actually 4 timer screens and I corrected them all to 680x540 but there is no effect. Funny thing is they react to changes of position but not to resizing. EPG window on the other hand can be resized.


    But timeshift does not work fo the 600 (yet).

    I know and that's the reason why I assigned yellow button to extensions. :)
    I don't see the point of timeshift so it's not important to me.
    It's just that I'm too finicky and when I saw this window cut off a bit I had to try and correct it even though it's not that important. :)

  • Volume slider and Mute sign fix. Ftp to /ValiKSControler/data:


    • head.xml

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  • I changed this part of /data/main.xml (please see the line with "config") :-

    Cheers, pcd.


    • screenshot.jpg

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  • Thank you. Fixed it with this code in main.xml.

    Please find attached corrected main.xml file.


    • main.rar

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  • Timeshift window fixed! :)

    The code is in the "LocationBox" screen in the skin.

    Also fixed timer edit, timer view, timer log windows as well as movie selection.

  • I suppose so. I checked all menus and all windows are OK. If someone finds a window I missed, please report it.

    The trouble with the infobars is that they are "zoomed" in a way so you have to choose which part of the infobar you want to cut. And there is a problem because of overscan; different TVs have different amounts of overscan.

    I have a CRT 4:3 TV and I don't know if the whole infobar is shown on 16:9 TVs. This infobar is cut off on my TV. Please report if you can see it whole.

  • I made the infobars 720 pixels wide. If it helps - I can make them smaller. You can then move the inside items as you like.

    Attached is the Validator info.png reduced to 680 wide. It only takes me a minute to do. :)

    Please replace it in the /usr/share/enigma2/Vali-KingSize/Validator and try.

  • I tried it and it seems to fit my screen now.

    As you said, other items on the infobar need to be rearranged completely but it would take a lot of time.

    Is there a tool which can be used for this job?

    If not, then there's no point in changing the size when very single item would have to be changed and tested separately which would be impossible.

  • I wrote a plugin which changes position and dimensions to a new pixel size. But still needs more repositioning in the infobar. I will try to improve it when I have time - then I will post it. :)

  • Great!

    I've just checked default skin and infobar is 720x160 but it is complete on my TV. I believe trouble with the valiks is that it was originally designed with 1024 pixels.

  • Hi pcd,

    As a workaround for the problem that active recordings get corrupted when switching the dreambox from on to standby or from standby to on, I configured the dreambox to be always on in my multi-function remote control. :rolleyes:

    What keeps really annoying for me, is that I can't watch a currently recording movie and wind back- and forwards in it. I have to wait until it is finished to start watching it... ;(
    That's my main reason for having a box which is able to record TV... to start recording a movie and start watching it half an hour later to then skip the advertisement breaks.

    Have a nice day!

  • SvStefan

    Thanks for the report.

    I have a number of problems to look at before the next release. I will try (!) to do something on them one by one.

    Thanks for your patience !:)


    Now you know the reason for the problems with vali-s mod for ppc. But it is worth improving it as it is a very nice skin concept ! :)

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Quote

    But it is worth improving it as it is a very nice skin concept ! smile

    Couldn't agree with you more. :)

    I tried to modify magic colour buttons. I changed the colours but when I restarted enigma it wouldn't boot and at the end of a boot process there was a green screen.

    I never thought that changing the colour could cause such problems.

    As you may already know, enigma2 has some problems with rendering certain colours so I tried to correct it but it doesn't work.

    Any progress with DVB subtitles?

  • I've just noticed that you can access plugins menu by pressing BLUE followed by YELLOW. :)

  • Games never end with this image :)

    I made the font larger for now and next events on infobar, base style only.

    Upload these files to /valiks/data folder.

  • Several small fixes on the base style infobar:


    I see that there is a new version of the youtube player. Could you make it for ppc boxes as well. The existing version won't play some clips so I hope this problem is fixed in the new version.