Dm600pvr Enigma2 Pcd 2.1

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    Originally posted by Aeros
    I didn't the "increase memory" option after first booting.

    Here the e.log.

    Do you know why the Network settings in the bios are alway resetting from "dhcp" to "manual"?

    Please install the image again. After bootup - exit wizard. Do :-

    Blue button -> Extra setup -> Increase memory -> select hdd.

    Then :-

    Menu button -> Setup -> Startwizard.

    Good luck !

  • I did it but there is nothing changed. :(

    Just when i start the "TV Modus" the screen with Enigma2 is starting goes away.

    If i hold the Standby button the Screen goes green lucent and with shortly press the Standby button the green lucent is away and i can go again in the Menu, so i get now "shutdown menu" with long standby press.

    Boxen: DBOX2 @ GLJ-Image; Samsung SMT7020-S @ Zenslack: DM600S @ Enigma 2 PCD 2.1

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  • The MENU is just open up and i have access to all Settings/Options

    Boxen: DBOX2 @ GLJ-Image; Samsung SMT7020-S @ Zenslack: DM600S @ Enigma 2 PCD 2.1

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  • Hi,

    Timeshift does not work yet.

    While recording from one channel - you can still watch another channel of the same transponder.

    Also, if you start recording manually (red button) - the recording will continue if the box is on standby.

    Please let us know - if this is ok. To get timeshift working - and timer recording to continue in standby - needs a lot of code change. Is it worth the trouble ?

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • In the past, I used timeshifting really often because it is a one of the best features of the dreambox. I have many timer recordings scheduled, for example recording a famous show every week which has a duration of 2:30 hours including many advertisement breaks.

    The best thing about it is, recording starts at 20:15, my friends come over at 20:45 and we started watching at 21:00 using timeshift. So we were able to skip all advertisement breaks, which is really a joy... ;-)

    So you mean, currently timeshifting is not possible? That's really sad...

    And about the second issue with standby: I thought that the difference for the dreambox between "ON" and "Standby" is only that the video output is enabled or not? Or did this change with enigma2? So the only solution for me then would be to keep the dreambox running 24/7 and never switch it off... hmmm

    I'm not sure what other users say but for me are these recording issues the only hazzle at the moment, everything else works really fine for me.

    Best Regards,

  • hi pcd,

    in your image you compiled the gstreamer i think,
    would it be possible to put this ipk's of all needed packages to your server or rar them an upload it?
    this would be very fine.

    Thanks a lot so far.

    greets LaForge

  • I am not sure what you want.

    gstreamer has a very large number plugins (ipks). Most of these do not work with the 600. In fact - many do not work with the 8000 !

    Can you explain please - what you are trying to do ?

    Cheers, pcd.

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    Originally posted by SvStefan

    So you mean, currently timeshifting is not possible? That's really sad...

    Best Regards,

    Did timeshift work before with any e2 image (my images or newnigma2) ?

    I looked at the enigma1 timeshift code. It has changed completely for the e2 images.

    When I have time I will look into it. For now it seems only option is e1 for recording with timeshift !

    Cheers, pcd.

  • as far as I know for E2-images for 7020, timeshift never worked! I'm not sure if it work with the Gemin² 4.4...

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!

  • Hi LeoGR,

    Thank you. :)

    I have noticed that - with normal tv (no recording) - timeshare sometimes works. When I press the yellow button - the tv goes black. When I press the yellow button again - tv picture starts. If now I press the yellow button - tv picture freezes. After some time - if I press the yellow button - tv picture starts from its original freeze point.

    But this does not always work.

    Cheers, pcd.

  • Hi pcd!

    yes... something is going wrong with this feature...:D
    But I don't use it, so I never had problems with this:D

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!

  • I try to use the DM600 as a partnerbox for a 800.
    This needs the webinterface and the gstreamer AFAIK.
    So i tried to use your interface with gstreamer and wanted to install the webinterface, but this was not possible for me.

    And now I want to try the other way round an installed the newnigma² image with webif for dm 600 but there's the gstreamer missing, so i need the ipk's an try to install in newnigma²

    Your image is great but the webif is missing, by space i think. And thats my problem.

    Greets LaFo

  • Webinterface installs ok in this image. Please try to install using Addon Manager. If you get an error message - please post.

    You will find that /usr/lib and /usr/bin has all the necessary gstreamer items.

    Partnerbox has been used ok before - see here :-

    DreamForum II.v12.1-DM600PVR Enigma2

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • at long last, a new 600 E2 image with EPG. Only problem is I cannot get it to import Rytec UK events. When I do manual import, it says its working but nothing happens..
    Apart from that this is an awsome image, I especially like the increase memory function.
    I also gave CF in my 600, the CF can be configured and seen, but If i use cf as memory expansion the 600 wont boot and needs re-imaged.
    the 600 also wont boot after epg is downloaded manually to hd (no events show) rebooted, then just gets stuck in a loop..

    How long should the epg import take? before reboot?

    The dreamforum image access cf ok and use as memory, this image screws up with that option.
    dont use the epg either it screws the image up too!

  • pcd
    what is the difference between DreamForum II.v12.1-DM600PVR Enigma2
    and yours?

    i will test on a dm600 but dont know witch :tongue:

  • dont change skin to dmm also hangs up box on reboot.

    FFS 5 hours now wasted!



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    Original von diddsen
    what is the difference between DreamForum II.v12.1-DM600PVR Enigma2
    and yours?

    i will test on a dm600 but dont know witch :tongue:

    the main difference is the name and the cvs... In the DF-II image the cvs is older(because of it'd sn older image). But pcd maked them both ;)

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!

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  • so, i test this image here now...

    in valikingsize the infobar is not complete shown... hide on right side :(
    so i cant use this great skin.
    at x2-line and org.default-skin all ok.
    could the infobarposition be moved?...cant find a option.

    and with sumipoeka the language is not german, i have installed, but useless :(
    also the icons no difference shown between seen and not seen.

  • Hi stevengw,

    Thanks for taking time to post your findings !

    I use this image on my 600pvr - and do not have the problems you have.

    I am sorry I cannot imagine what somebody may do (something not normal) to get problems. If you give details I can look into them - when I have time.

    Or better - you use the enigma1 images for now !

    Cheers, pcd.