• Since a few days provider MEO on 30W is transmitting some channels with AAC-HE audio. As I understood this stands for MP4 High Efficiency. Have myself a DM8000. Am not able to decode the audio.

    Is there something known how to overcome this issue?


  • The current version of Enigma (and Gemini) decodes HE-AAC fine - with some limitation. If only one audio stream is available, everything is fine. If more than one track is available, you can hear sound on recordings (and Timeshift) but not on live TV.

    DM told me, they work on this issue.

    I watch danish TV on DVB-T. Danish TV is MPEG-4 with HE-AAC. DR-Update and DR-K always contain only one HE-AAC audio stream and it works perfect. DR-HD transmits more than one in some TV-Programs and that works only on recordings.

    I have no information on when this will be fixed.

    Best regards

  • Ich suche codec aac-he fur Dreambox 8000 HD PVR
    FUNRADIO Sk,Expres Sk
    Thor 5/6 & Intelsat 10-02 at 0.8°W
    11919 V
    SR 28000-7/8

    Konnen Sie mir helfen ?

  • Ich habe das gleiche Problem.
    Kein Ton bei Fun Radio on Thor bei meinem DM8000.