PPPOE on DM800 ?

  • Hi everyone ,
    I want to setup a PPPOE connection on my DM800 , so it can connect to my ADSL connection directly without my router.
    I successfully loaded pppoe kernel module in my dreambox :

    root@dm800:/# lsmod
    Module Size Used by Tainted: P
    pppoe 12416 0 - Live 0xc01a8000
    pppox 2864 1 pppoe, Live 0xc019e000
    ppp_async 10656 0 - Live 0xc01e7000
    ppp_generic 29792 3 pppoe,pppox,ppp_async, Live 0xc01b3000
    crc_ccitt 1760 1 ppp_async, Live 0xc01a0000
    slhc 7552 1 ppp_generic, Live 0xc01a5000

    also I have installed pppd on my dreambox. ( found pppd package on a russian forum )

    now I have to configure ppp on my dreambox to connect to my ADSL connection using PPPOE kernel module.

    I would appreciate if you can help me.

    Best Regards

  • Hi netman ,
    Thank you for your reply.
    The reason why I want to set it up is a little complex :D first it is a technical challenge for me which I want to accomplish.
    second reason is that my ISP provides me limited traffic on my ADSL line so I can not download movies and etc from internet normally , but on late midnights my ISP provides a free account for download , so I should stay awake until 3 am and connect by new PPPOE free account and start my dowloads and it only lasts until 7 am ! which this account gets disconnected ! I know it sucks.
    I want to make my DM800 a super automatic downloader , setup PPPOE on it and make a cron job to automatically connect on 3 am and start downloads on free account while I am sleep :D
    isnt it a great idea ? :D

  • Thank you , so you dont have any idea how to accomplish this ? or do you know anyone who can help ?

  • thank you but no thank you. routers are inexpensive stuff these days

  • Great thx@fifthelements for the work !!!

    I will try it for my dm800 Box.

    From where can i get:

    ... etc.

    Dream800s PVR/ 320GB 2,5# hdd/ Gemini II. 4.6
    Dream8000sscc PVR/ 650GB 3,5# / Gemini II. 4.4[/SIZE]

  • ... Hallo Stephan ... there is no description about reinstallation ... only different kinds of installations.

    Dream800s PVR/ 320GB 2,5# hdd/ Gemini II. 4.6
    Dream8000sscc PVR/ 650GB 3,5# / Gemini II. 4.4[/SIZE]

  • You can reinstall an older version with "ipkg install ppp_2.4.3-r2_mipsel.ipk -force-downgrade"