I need a small DM500 image

  • I have a DM500 with partially broken flash chip. The box does not accept images larger than ~4.3-4.4 mb. I want to try one of older schaedelmeister-cvs-DM500 images but I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone upload one of those small images? Thanks.

  • look at our database..

    Gruss Doc!

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  • I need one of schaedelmeister-cvs-dm500-****2007.img images. I can't find any of those in the database.

  • why you dont use a scvs-dm500 maxvar from database its allmoust same and small i think!

  • I tried scvs-dm500 - it does not work on my box. I need to try an even smaller image before my DM500 goes into trash bin.
    The only image, that sort of worked so far is schaedelmeister-neutrino-dm500-18032008.img.

    Images larger than 4,6mb give me this:
    14:41:46 box type: DM500
    14:41:55 Ping result: OK, box is alive and speaking to us ;-)
    14:42:03 Uploading file to box...
    14:55:15 erasing flash...
    14:55:16 ERROR, flash-erase failed, box will be unusable now!!

  • Quote

    Original von boxgott
    If that so then try this img:Evolution2.2 Image BY exclusive FOR Dreambox 500

    ej man i have install the image now my dreambox not boot and i can not connect with the lan cable
    i believe that he use a other password and username not the standart.
    now what i should do!!

  • shitt ...
    und was mach is jetz wie kann ich jezt wieder andere draufspielen.
    wie kann ich jezt mein dreambox mit dem pc verbinden lan kabel geht nicht

  • Seriel mit DreamUp

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