Dm600pvr Enigma2 Pcd 1.1

  • Hi Friends !

    Here is the new updated version of the DreamForum-II image - hope you like it. :)




    Blue (short press) - Extra setup
    Blue (long press) - Extensions
    Power (short press) - Standby
    Power (long press) - Shutdown menu
    INFO (short press) - event info
    INFO (long press) - Graphical multi epg


    Standby - red led
    Recording - blinking red led

    Please note :-

    This image is particularly suitable for installing in flash.
    If installing in flash - it is very important use the feature "Increase available memory" soon after first bootup.

    High definition (HD) skins BrushedAlu-HD and dmm-HD have been modified for the non-HD boxes. These have been further modified for this image to hdd versions so that, when installed, they use only 1 kb of flash memory each.

    Special facility to copy media files (mpg, mp3, mpeg4, divx, dvd) from pc to dreambox hdd and play later directly from the hdd without pc.

    Note: When you remove (uninstall) a skin via Addon Manager - check that it is deleted from /usr/share/enigma2. Sometimes ipkg remove does not work completely !

    Extra Setup includes :-

    Readme (very important). All Readme files are in folder /etc. Please copy and translate (with google for example) if necessary.


    Increase memory : Necessary for flash install

    Addon-manager : Download and install addons

    Software : Additinal software items necessary for plugins

    EPG : Two methods e2_loadepg and EPGUpdate/ViewEPG. Method e2_loadepg is described in the Readme. For the EPGUpdate method - configure source and update with plugin EPGUpdate. Once epg is updated - view with plugin ViewEPG.

    Subtitles : Change ttx subtitles size and colour

    Media/MountManager : Cifs and Nfs mount configure,
    Copy media to dreambox

    User-Script manager

    Inadyn, Pmt.tmp, Crond configure


    Infobar date language : Change date language

    Streaming media from pc to dreambox : vlcplayer, youtubeplayer etc.

    Streaming tv to pc : Install webinterface. On pc open webif browser.
    Click on tv icon. Select Open to start VLC.

    Configure VLC 0.8.6 :- Settings - Preferences - Iinterface-Main Interface - Select Advanced - Select HTTP and in HTTP Hostaddress insert :8080

    Settings - Preferences - Video - Select Fullscreen output

    Settings - Preferences - Stream output - Default stream output chain - insert #display :sout-all and select all boxes.

    Available for download from server :-







    Many thanks to all the friends of TestImage for encouragement and advice, in particular to erdbeere for the new bootlogo !
    Also special thanks to DragJusto of http://w* for providing the addon server ! :)

    Regards, pcd.

    Download from Database

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  • Thanks pcd, you're the master of DM600 Enigma2 ..

    But, last Image bugs still exists!!

    --> No Time-Shift! "At least since it's not working reassign the button to something else!"

    How not working? No crash log, as simply the dreambox goes in endless processing "The animated busy icon"

    --> The Skins are still not all fixed

    Tested with Image installed in flash.

  • I have fixed some items - like webinterface streaming and record/playback hdd/cifs/nfs option. Have not had time to check other stuff like timeshift and server skins and plugins. The 2 skins in the image should be ok.

    All bug reports/suggestions are remembered - only time is limited ! It is only a hobby for me - I have also to work and family ! :)

    Regarding the yellow button - you will find its functions in /usr/share/enigma2/keymap.xml. Delete (or comment out) the line with timeshift.

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • I'm not complaining :O I just wanted to remind you - Without you -> No Enigma2 Image for Dm600 ...

    Continue your great work...

  • Hi PCD,

    Many thanks for your work on this image.

    I have one problem.When I install cccam 2.14 from the download menu I cannot find the cccam.cfg on the dreambox.I need to edit it but I can't find it.Any ideas?

  • Quote

    Original von craw
    Hi PCD,

    Many thanks for your work on this image.

    I have one problem.When I install cccam 2.14 from the download menu I cannot find the cccam.cfg on the dreambox.I need to edit it but I can't find it.Any ideas?

    just download the config-file from here. edit it, ftp it in /etc and don't forget to set the rights to 755! then it should work!

    Kein Support via PM und eMail!!

  • Thanks LeoGR but I had to go back to pli jade 3 e1 as e2 was just too buggy and kept crashing for me.

    Maybe I'll go back to E2 in a few months when it's more stable.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by craw
    Thanks LeoGR but I had to go back to pli jade 3 e1 as e2 was just too buggy and kept crashing for me.

    Maybe I'll go back to E2 in a few months when it's more stable.

    You are an optimist if you think the e2 images will still be available ! :D

  • Actually pcd, I installed this image to the hd of my DM600PVR instead using the Barry Allen plugin and it's rock solid! Delighted with it. Thanks again. :)

  • Great image but I have had to go back to previous version as I can't get VLC player to work at all have tried everything with no go. Image installed in Flash.

    If anyone has it working could you please help me out I have tried changing vlc versions used 0.8.6, 1.0.3 which I had installed initially and 1.0.5 all to no result however all works in older version and don't think it is anything to do with PC as it also works on DM800 with different image.

    Funnily enough I have tried to setup the copy option as well for the first time and it fails to connect to vlc when I go to prepare but that may just be my idiocy as I haven't got that working on old version of image either yet.

    And one last request/query does anyone else only get a 4:3 image from their TV with a scart no matter what setting is in the box setting as 16:9 works ok on Enigma 1 image but no option seems to work with my TV

  • I checked vlcplayer and youtubeplayer recently. I had problem - so I patched it and uploaded the new versions to the server. Download again and try please.

    My scart to tv seems to do 16:9 !

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • Hey PCD really appreciate the quick response wasn't expecting a response so quick. I have here 1 dm800 and 2 dm600 so I have set them up to do a little testing as the problem is still there.

    Both 600's setup identically other than different test images tests all tried with PC Firewall on and off and with VLC running as a service and also tested with service off VLC run on PC http enabled.

    I used the same file in all tests to play of course only playing on 1 box at a time as vlc can only talk to 1 at a time with default setup

    DM800 with Nabilo Image VLC download not in image
    DM600 1 DFII 12.1
    DM600 2 Reacktor 1.1

    VLC 0.8.6

    DM800 - shows menu files fine and plays fine
    DM600 1 - shows menu files fine and plays fine
    DM600 2 - on opening server starts on file directory and immediately jumps to root of that drive, Select file cogs go round screen goes black and appears to play but nothing shows and time never comes up both played and remaining both minus figures.

    VLC 1.0.5

    DM800 - shows menu files fine and plays fine
    DM600 1 - shows menu files fine and plays fine
    DM600 2 - on opening server starts on file directory and immediately jumps to root of that drive, Select file cogs go round comes up with screen saying error with VLC server [errno socet error] (104, 'connection reset by peer')

    I will leave the boxes setup exactly as they are if you want me to do any further tests just let me know.

  • Hi olijack,

    Thank you for the details.

    First, the 'jumping to root' problem is due to including a new 'long press' patch. For some reason it does a double OK the first time. I will look into it when I have time.

    The Reacktor 1.1 and vlcplayer problem is surprising. I again tested last night and it was ok. VLC is temeramental - sometimes the first video does not play.

    anyway, the vlcplayer plugin folder contains a file vlcserver.pyAlt. Rename the other file (also there) as vlcserver.pyOrig and rename the Alt file as Restart enigma and try testing - if you are still interested !

    Cheers, pcd.

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  • No problem at all am happy to do whatever tests that you like anytime.

    You will be pleased to know that change made it work perfectly, played straight away without any problems at all. Will still leave all boxes on the config that they are currently on in case there is anything else you want to check.

    The 16:9 problem which just appears to be my problem is a little trickier to try and solve as the second tv is permanently stuck on whatever aspect ratio I set it to. The TV that is the problem has an auto function on it and when it gets he info from scart that it is a 16:9 picture it should switch to 16:9

    With enigma 1 for example if I select 16:9 in the options the TV will switch both the picture and all info bars etc to 16:9 when there is a 16:9 program on but be 4:3 when there is a 4:3 program. If I select always 16:9 the menus and bars will always use the whole screen 16:9 and the program will still switch in the background.

    With this image whatever selection I choose the TV will always see it as 4:3 and display everything 4:3 and if 16:9 a squashed to 4:3 picture.

    Hope this makes sense as it is difficult to describe, I just have to manually switch the TV to stick at 16:9 rather than using auto (which is default on TV and I can't change) when I switch it on or change the channel to the box. If it is something I have to live with it is no big problem just thought I would make you aware of it in case it is something that affects others and is something that may be fixed in the future although as I say no big problem.

    Thanks for your help and for all your quick responses it is really appreciated and if there is ever any testing you want doing feel free to ask anytime.

  • from asif_azayi,
    hello every one,
    I'am in Agadir Morocco,
    For my self, i realy think that for DM 600 PVR the only and the best image are GP 4.6 or 4.7.
    I tryed all E2 proposed here, evene the newest, i always have an crash and an error messzage lake 'sorrys'. Only the old version permet DM 600 to start without a crash, but no language working and that most imoprtant no connection to the net even if all green lights (are good) on the test of net.lot of buggs.......
    I reflushed it with GP4.70 and downloaded a new skin gimini 3.0 .

    I use GBox. every thing is now OK.
    At lest for DM 600PVR (original from germany), i realised it works verry good on enigma 1, I prefert GP.

    I'm asking you what diffrences in enigma 1 and E2. in term of quality and stability and specialy in sharpness of the picture.(not in HD)

  • Hello,
    there is no EPG shown in the WebIF. Is that correct?

    The marked button doesn't work.

  • Have installed the tuxtxt...
    Why TEXT hangs up after starting when load page 100?
    Receiver receive the signals from the remote but nothing happens...

  • Quels avantages peut présenter dm 600 pvr ? Peut on espérer avoir full hd avec ? Merci de me renseigner :-)