LiveTV on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • My colleague will post the test version in the next few days. It is a set of php scripts that can be installed on any server with a webserver. (windows, mac, linux). It can stream to any device (iphone, ipad, pc, mac, blackberry playbook were tested). It shows bouguets, channels with picon and EPG and, even for a test version, is quite easy to use and very stable. And best of all, it is open source! You can extend and modify the code as you like. It will probably inspire many of you to build upon it and/or to produce even slicker streaming servers with more features etc etc.

    Anyway, you will see for yourself very soon.

    Kathrein UFS910 (AAF E2)
    Dbox2 (latest Petze)

  • Wow. That sounds amazing. I hope streaming over 3G will be smooth for iOS5 as well.

    Thanks a lot. May i kindly i ask will your colleague publish it here? i do not know German that's why i am asking. If it will be published on another thread may i ask you to give that thread link here?

  • hi,

    zunaechst mal ein herzliches dankeschoen! hammermaessig, dass sich jemand die muehe und arbeit gemacht hat.

    jetzt hab ich doch noch eine kleine sache bez. der "channels.ini"

    ich habe meine eigene vom air video server genommen und bekomme ein paar fehlerchen.

    mit der ini die dabei ist habe ich keine probleme und hab mal meine mit der "original" verglichen.





    muss ich die alle programme haendish aendern? ;)

    viele gruesse und danke!

  • koennte man das streaming proggie nicht ev auch in der dreambox direkt "installieren"?

    uebrigens vielen dank nochmal fuer die entwicklung... klasse sache!

  • Ähm, falls du meine Beispieldatei meinst die ich mit dem anderen Mitgegeben habe das enthielt noch urls von Titan welches ich mal auf meiner Atevio installiert habe, da sahen die urls komplett anders aus.
    Ihr solltet eifach eure nehmen die ihr auch bei airvideo genutzt habt.

  • After alot of faffing about I managed to get this working over home wifi...

    initially it kept stopping after every 7 seconds, regardless of channel...

    My set up is:-

    win7 running Air Video 2.4.3 as administrator
    ffmpeg for 2.2.5-beta2 and later

    iphone with ios 5.0.1

    dm800hd with a sat feed

    used bouquet editor to create the files for air video

    created static up for dreambox (otherwise after every reboot it had a new ip address and the channels.ini was still on the old one - obviously)

    The problem seemed to be air video client settings on iphone...

    setting global conversion settings resolution to anything on manual caused problems....leaving it on automatic and audio down to 128kbit/s works fine.

    Hope this helps someone...many thanks to the creator(s) of this as I was looking for a streaming client for awhile - next stage is to see if we can get the streaming of hd and over 3g

  • hey, there is a new airvideo out. does it work with airvideo server and 3g again or does it still stuck?

  • The new air video client still does not work with ipad 2 and ios 5.1.1 and dreambox live streaming conversion.
    Haven't tried out the ios 6 yet.

    DM8000 mit RGB-Display Skin=infinityHD/image=exp2011-09-06/GP3,DM7020HD, OE2.0 mit karatelight, DM7080HD

  • Hat jemand eine funktionierende channels.ini für die DBOX2 ?

    Zumindest die deutschsprachigen Kanäle.

    Ich bekomme nur einige Sender zum laufen.

  • Is there any guide how to get streaming to work from a dreambox to an Apple TV via Air Video Server on a linux server?

  • bringing up a old thread.... so after working with various different streaming solutions i must admit i still miss air video just due to the fact it has an app and was quicker moving from one channel to another.

    wish someone was still working on this to solve the issue.

  • yes, me too!

    i ve found another solution which is more or less ok for me personally.
    the server software is called muuta streaming server and you can connect with puffin browser.
    mayebe other browsers can handle to play it as well.

    but you are right airvideo was the best solution and i miss it, too.

  • i thought the same, until i tried Open Source Streaming Solution .

    In my opinion far superior to airvideo (live-tv). you can access via browser on all plattforms (pc, ios, android, ...). you get epg, you dont have to create thumbnails/channel.inis, much more stable...

    the only disadvantage as you already said is switching between channels.
    but i dont think they cant solve this problem in later versions...