[v0.03] Stream Web Page generator plugin (for browser / Popcorn Hour etc.)

  • suomipoeka,

    Yes, the icons are correctly generated.

    Have you any idea why the direct streaming not working for me? M3u works with VLC. But not "direct" on A110 or VLC. The problem is not with your website. There must be a general problem with the streaming on DM8000 (GP4.6).


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    Originally posted by suomipoeka
    I've put v0.03-r3 available.. Let me know if it works for you.

    PERFECT. Works great.

    Only needed some adjusts to TV Screen size, and a better gui.....

    I think it's peanuts for you;)


  • There are 2 points to review:

    1. the first line of Picons, appears a little much to the left side.
    See picture attachment.

    2. If we select an boquet that is already selected, give an page error.

    Any idea to fix those points?


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  • 1. This is most likely a browser "feature", I've noticed that this happens occasionally also in Firefox when resizing the window. Wasn't able to reproduce it now though..

    2. Don't know what's happening there.. Works fine for me.

  • suomipoeka :

    Yihaaaaa, works for me too. Great Job. All Picons are correct !!

    Last Questions:

    can we change the Picons Size in Browser or A-110?

    and -my hope:

    a zapp-funktion, if possible? Please! THX. :D


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  • Hello,

    Not work with popcorn A-200 / C-200, i have always :

    could not play

    Any solutions ?

    Thanks for your works.


  • Hi
    Hoffe da wird auch auf deutsch debatiert, da mein englisch nicht so "sehr" ist; habe gestern mir den plugin installiert, habe es von ...koti.mbnet...die letzte vers. genommen, aber erstens bei der generator habe drei Möglichkeiten gehabt- die erste war den Path zu wählen ( es war original hdd/picon odersowas- weiss nicht mehrr so genau, da zurzeit in der Arbeit bin), bei die Channels eh 100 und bei der letzten, egal ob ich ja oder nein wähle, in Webfenster am PC werden mir alle kanäle einfach so aufgelistet, hintereinander, ohne die Picons, die ich aber auf`n Dream habe ( in 3D, von Astra und Hotbird), und wenn ich auf`n Sender klicke, kommt ein weisses Fenster ( mit SERVICE ERROR:-257
    Was und warum?

    Am Poppi habe erst gar nicht geschaut ( werde erst heute...)!

  • Hi!

    I've got a problem to use it from my pc.

    I'm using a different port vor my dreambox webpage, 50080 instead of 80.

    So this is the link i'm seeing the picons:

    When i'm clicking on one of the picons it's using the generated link…:2775:444:1:C00000:0:0:0:

    which doesn't work.. When i insert a :50080 after the ip adress it works, like this:…:2775:444:1:C00000:0:0:0:

    Would it be possible to use the port, that's defined in the image?

    Thanks for the great plugin!
    Cheers prontator

  • is it working?

  • It's working on my HDX1000. So in Popcorn A110, should work too.

    It was nice, if this plugin was getting better in user interface, because it's a little poor. I think that is not suitable with HD Skins.

    Could someone confirm this?

    But in the target, it works fine, and it's very useful.


  • I am concidering bying the A200 and want to be sure it is working. Anyone using it with the dreambox?

  • Quote

    Originally posted by peterpc

    I am concidering bying the A200 and want to be sure it is working. Anyone using it with the dreambox?

    Yes, it will work with no problem.

  • i dont know...but i'm interested on this too

    Anyone can help this question abou PS3?

  • I finish my tests on my PS3 and IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

    YES i get Dreambox Streaming to my PS3...


  • It's easy.....

    do exactly as explained in first post (so install this plugin, and "generate" stream page"

    The only thing you have to do in your PS3 is to run it's Browser and go to page "http://ip-dreambox/web-data/streampage" (i recommend to add this page your favorites, so in next times it's easier to run it)

    An then choose your favorite tv channel and enjoy!!


  • Got it work too...


    But i don´t have any picons on the channels i renamed in dreamboxedit but i have the picons on infobar on the box...