ToxaHDskin for Gemini 4.60

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    Original von nonleft
    will there be a cvs-version?

    May be, but not now, sorry!

    DreamBox forever!!!

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  • hi, how i can de-install your skin from a dreambox 7025+ correct.

    after the skin deinstallation manualy, i get a tox@ animation during booting the system.

    what is the correct procedure to deinstall the skin and clean-up the dreambox completly from any skin entries.


  • You can only change contents of this folder /usr/share/enigma2/skin_default/spinner/
    by FTP, in your DreamBox, for example on this

  • Hi,
    thanx a mill man,
    best e2 image
    more grease to ur elbows so u keep the good work

    is it possible to help me out with the framerate, expertinfo ????

    thanx in advance

  • krantonio: thank you very much for the answer. but i'm lookong for a deinstallation mechanismen for your skin (dreambox 7025+). i didn't want to replace the spinner. unfortunally your skin is only for dreambox series wit hd compatiblity. so the skin is not working correct with dreambox 7025+.

  • Hi ALL admins,
    can some please help as the download of this file is reporting corrupt file
    (download does not complete).


  • You can Upload here!

    Crash with Türksat Channels and Gemini 4.6!

  • Thnax for the NEW download link
    I now have your WONDERFUL skin

    more grease for GOOD WORK
    tanx a million

  • Hi Krantonio
    can u help me out here

    there seems to be a crash when I try to play DVD using VLC from PC

    thanx man.