Slow sound PVR 600 dm

  • Hi.

    I have a Dreambox PVR 600dm with Gemini 4.60 and everything runs fine for a while.
    But suddenly out of nothing, the sound plays like it is slow motion and became completly weird.
    This has happend many times, and its enough to unplug the power cable for 1 min and restart to fix it. But now it happends all the time, and its hopeless to see tv with this sound.
    And i have allready sent the box in the service 2 times and last time i did get a new (used) box as replacement, but still the sound problem is here.

    The problem is happening both from Scart and the Line out..
    Hope someone can help me here..



  • There is not enough information here.
    Are you using TV sound or external amplifier for sound.
    Have you tried putting the sound into a different amplifier?
    Does this happen on FTA channels and encrypted channels?
    When you got the new box, did you download and install a fresh copy of the image and configure from scratch or did you copy configs back?

    Seeing as the box has been replaced multiple times, it would seem to indicate it is not the box, but something outside the box that is causing the problem, or you have a configuration problem.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.

  • Hey and thank you for answer..

    Well, it happens both with tv sounds and when using external amplifier.
    And yes, i did download a fresh new copy of the image here on this site (Gemini 4.60) and i did flash and install it. The configuration was done by a friend of me over the web. He has done this many times before and he also have severals 600dm's who everything works fine with the same software..

    I have changed tv and the sound is the same whatever soundspeakers i do use. Its enough to restart the box to make the sound good and normal, but it takes only a few minutes before it goes "slow" again.
    And it's the same on all channels..

    Im pretty sure it's the box who cause this and not something outside the box.
    But, witch configuration do You talk about? There is not many sound settings to play with here, or is there something else i can try / do?


  • Hi vidhat, I have the some problem with my db 600pvr, can you tell me if you resolved the problem and
    if yes how.

  • Is it a genuine Dreambox?
    This is a common problem on Dreambox clones.

  • Had this exact problem on my genuine DM 600 pvr yesterday, Had to reset the box to cure it.
    I tried new scart lead,checked sound format, so it was definatly the box, or Image.

  • my brother (and many others) had the same issue

    due to youre television hardware (brand and model > he had a finlux) a strange signal appears on the scart
    which interferes with the sound (due to standby and or switching on the Television)

    my brother tested his dm 600 on a different tv from some in his family
    symptom disappeared as soon as he used another TV

    now he bought a flat screen
    never seen the sound issue again and nothing else done to the dm 600

    and we also read many confirmations from other users (on this and other fora) that changing the Television (brand and model) solved the problem

    this might not be your most favorite advice because you'll need to get another tv

    some tested modding the hardware of the dm 600 but to no aveal
    only changing the television helped.


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  • Same problem here. Original DM600 with GP4.50 - 4.70. Some times the sound is very slow (but not always). I found a solution by google (make a bridge on the sound chip) but that NOT solve the problem. I think in my case this happens when i put out the scart cable and reinsert it when the box is running. Only a hard reset (power down) make the box working again (for a while).

    PS: Sorry for my bad english. :O

  • Quote

    Originally posted by The_Raven
    but that NOT solve the problem. :O

    just as I wrote above your entry

    try other Television Set.


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  • Raven, can you say something more about this bridge? Maybe link to the page?

  • Hi,
    the bridge is on the sound chip from pin7 to pin12.
    The soundchip is a WM8761 (24BIT 192KHZ STEREO DAC). Have a look at the datasheet. Connecting the pin 7 (GND) to pin 12 (DEEMPH) put the de-emphasis on.

    Here is the source: Posting 132


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  • This solves not the bug, but i think the sound is bether. The volume is lower, but the diffrent channels have now the same volume (not some are louder than others).
    Tell me what you think about this "bridge" thing.


    PS: I hope you understand my bad english ;)