Record with all audio tracks intact, possible?

  • Hi

    I made a recording late last night, it's suposed to have all the Nordic languages plus English. But even if I switch to Swedish in my case I still get English audio.

    Is this a setting issue in DM800/Gemini 4.4 on my behalf?

    BRG Kristoffer

  • All audio tracks are recorded, but not all transmissions include all languages. So sometimes you will get a selected language vs audio mismatch. In some cases the 'English' soundtrack might be the original language, which might not be English, for example.
    it is not a setting on your box.

    2 x DM7025SS (Gemini2v4.4), DM600(PCD 7.0), DM800S (Gemini 4.4) TM9100(UR9B2), DM500HD, Triax 88cm dish, Technomate motor.