Gemini DM500S boot script

  • Hello all,

    I would like to add a custom boot script on my DM500s with gemini 4.60

    as far as I understand all the boot up running scripts are in /etc/init.d

    However / is mounted read only and only /var ir read-write mounted.

    Were should I add a custom script to be run on boot time?

    Thank you for your time

  • You can place your script in /var/etc and rename it to "init"
    It will be executed during boot

  • Hi eolos,

    Thank you for your answer

    Do you happen to know at which point of boot it will be executed?

    It would be preferable to be executed last in the boot sequence

    Thank you

  • In /etc/init.d open rcS with an editor and search for "/var/etc/init"
    That will give you an idea when init is called during boot.

    If you are not happy with that another trick is to use your emu startup script and call your script through that

    For example if you use CCcam then edit /var/script/ like this

    The emu start up script is the last one called during the boot sequence

    This is an idea that just popped in to my head... i didnt test it but it should work just fine

  • Hello again,

    For some reason, if there is a /var/etc/init file with anything inside as simple as:

    echo test
    exit 0

    (which is my test case) the DM500S never boots normally.

    For some reason it freezes on the first GP logo screen.

    Any idea why this is happening?

    And also is there any way to remove /var/etc/init via serial (so that i will not have to flash erase again)?

    Thank you for your time

  • To follow up, the above mentioned trick using /var/script/, works perfectly all the time.

    now my Dreambox can start my custom service, last in the boot sequence and always after a reboot without freeze.

    Thank you for your time.