Please any genius help me

  • hello guys,
    I bought dreambox 500s lately and im facing a problem :( I have Nilesat and Hotbird AA and AB , since i bought it and i tried all options to scan the channels, it shows me strong signal but only 12 Zee channels are found and nothing else at all !! I have the right transponders in the Nilesat but why only those 12 channels!! and it cant find the rest while my signal is strong enough, i tried my old receiver it works fine.

    I have gemini 4.60

    please help with any suggestion i give up, what am i missing?

  • i made a step forward, i chose 4 sattelites, but the problem is even im trying to make nilesat number 1, 2 , 3 or 4 when i scan nilesat i get the hotbird channels!! now what i have to change

  • you have to put them in the correct order example:

    arabsat 1
    nilsate 2
    hotbird 3
    empty 4

    try all the combinations if u dont know the correct order of your diseqc switch