DM800 - Sound problem

  • Hello,

    I have a DM800 running gemini image (4.4).

    It is connected to my TV via scart (my TV is a JVC AV-32WL cathode ray tube 100hHz).

    The picture quality is very good but the sound is very noisy (hiss and small craks).

    I also have a DM500 and there is no sound problem with it.

    Please, can you help me?

  • Same problem with my JVC AV-29L6 100Hz CRT. Without any sound problem on the Philips DVD recorder or the Yamaha hifi amplifier. I think it is JVC sound circuits issue.

    Fortunately I have no sound problem because my connection is DM800 -> DVD recorder -> JVC TV. The DVD recorder serves as a "signal filter".