Updating Entitlements For SKY UK

  • Hi mate, im running a smargo and using internal reader.

    Internal reader has Sky UK HD

    Smargo Viasat Full

    Left overnight and viasat has updated all of the entitlements.

    However a while ago as you know NEWCS was the only option for DM800 and interneal reader, and it didn't Auto updated entitlements. Now with the latest image we can use CCCAM and internal reader, but entitlements are so slow to update, there are 17 entitlements - 10 of which have managed to update in the past 3 days, yesterday NONE update.

    Would be it easier to get the updates if i put the card in the smargo ??

  • Why not simply giving it a try and reporting back here?

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  • Because i dont want to waste another 24 hours on something which may not work.

  • jayko: cool answer, really!

    1) if YOU dont wanna waste time for a topic relevant for YOU, why should anybody else?
    2) if everyone would think and act like you, would this board be able to help anybody?

    Well, I'm off this topic without any further comment ... everything said from my point of view.

    600,7020: Merlin - 500HD,8000: Merlin Excalibur OE1.6

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