help barryallen

  • hy all,
    please help my friends,,

    dream80x 800
    in flash "OoZooN-CVS-lean-dm800-20090530.nfi"
    installation online BarryAllen..
    during the installation appear this message:

    "Secondstage loader is ok
    No usable device found for Barry Allen sorry
    preinst scripts returned status 1
    An error occurred return value 1
    collected errors
    Aborting installations of enigma2-barryallen.....
    Execution finished."

    so I try to switch on the dreambox but, the display show me this other message: BOOT #(20090303).

    So i must flash with dreamUP 1334 by serial...
    What can be???
    Thank all.

  • do you have an usb stick or hdd for your box?

  • only usb stick,

    in the last tentative I can format the usb pen but it is impossble to mount in dream800
    I tryed with the last releas of dcc. 296 for enigma2.

    thii is the error message:

    mount:Mounting /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc /var/mnt/usb failed: No such file or directory.
    thank you

  • please try to format with DCC for Enigma 2.



    DM800HD PVR, DM8000HD, DM7020HD, und alles mit Oozoon

  • Hy santaleone,
    I can format without problems,
    only the mount, it can't make.

  • Do you initialize FAT or EXT3 (Linux). Normally BA recognize EXT3. Please initialize EXT3 part1.

    BA also has options for initializing your stick.



    DM800HD PVR, DM8000HD, DM7020HD, und alles mit Oozoon

  • Hi,


    Original von yamaha
    I initalized ext3,

    look here:

    or in english. Format the Stick on your PC with FAT32 and not ext3.


  • Please use the options of BA. Sometimes there are sticks, which doesnt´t work fine with a dreambox.



    DM800HD PVR, DM8000HD, DM7020HD, und alles mit Oozoon

  • and don't try 'withe the latest release' images - they will not boot stable from USB and hence are NOT supported - no matter how often you try !

    The OoZooN is OK, but then still some sticks will work only after beeing formatted by the HP freeware USB bootdisk tool, or when they get a (passive) USB hub beeing placed between stick and box


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  • gutemine is always the problem with a hub between the dream and pen USB and sometimes not always starts flash the image jumping completely the screen, barryallen

    Gutemine rimane sempre il problema anche con un Hub tra il Dream e la penna USB che qualche volta NON sempre si avvia l'immagine in Flash saltando completamente la schermata del BarryAllen

  • then your stick is simply too slow in beeing detected - you could try to increase the sleep 10 in /sbin/bainit in Flash image, but it would be better to try another stick

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  • Please tell me which stick I have to use it seems that the faster the Corsair it? It is important the number of GB for example, a pen of 2gb is faster than one from 4 GB? Hello, and thank you

    Per favore dimmi quale stick devo usare Mi sembra che la più veloce sia la Corsair Ti sembra? E' importante il numero dei GB Per esempio una penna da 2 GB è più veloce di una da 4 GB ? Ciao e grazie

    you I write in two languages because if you translation is not good at least the Italian you understand well

  • ist is not the Input/Output (IO) speed, it is how fast the chip in the pen answers to the kernel/drivers so that the device shows up and can be mountet - USB is Plug and Play - hence it takes time after the driver load to detect device - and BA cann't wait too long for a boot device - either it meets the deadline (10 sec after driver load) or the flash will boot.

    This is how the Hub helps - if speeds up the device detection because it forwards a pre-built device list and is faster in negotiation. And it also isolates USB 1.1/2.0 Problems on the 7025 for example.

    USB was NOT desinged for booting, it is a plug and play serial bus - BA does it's best to overcome this, but there are limitations (why wait 30 secs when 90% of the stics can make it in 10sec), and even waiting longer will not make some sticks detectable properly during boot.

    And how fast a PC detects/formats such a Pen is not any hint how the linux kernel/drivers will do.

    And even the drivers/bios of the Dreamboxes is different - a stick can work lika a charm on a 7020 and be a total failure on a 7025 or only work at all with a hub in between.


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  • you are welcome, and simply sorry for your problems - but sometimes it is better to get a divorce (from stick, not wife) and try another one which then is a perfect match :-)

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  • Hy all,
    (sorry for my poor english, I hope you can understand-me)
    My dear Glutemine,
    I want comunicate you and all our friend, my last experience about my new dreambox800.
    I tried to install BarryAllen with a lot of software in flash, but every time I ahd problems.
    My dream800 is made in the middle of april.
    so with different software in flash (OoZooN-CVS-lean-dm800-20090530
    every time I try to install
    enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen_4.8.14 and
    the dream800 show my this message:

    OpenDreambox 1.5.0 dm800
    dm800 login: root
    root@dm800:/# ipkg install /tmp/barryallen.ipk
    Installing enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen (4.8.14) to root...
    ================================================== ==============
    It's a Dream !
    ================================================== ==============
    ================================================== ==============
    Hopefully your Flash image has now the USB drivers in Kernel
    or loaded them already, because loading of USB drivers
    is now gone in Barry Allen !
    ================================================== ==============
    now checking if image in Flash uses latest secondstage loader ...
    secondstage loader is OK
    ================================================== ==============
    Barry Allen stops automount, reboot after installation to get it back
    No usable Device found for Barry Allen, sorry !
    Erasing Barry Allen HDD device ...
    Making empty ext3 Filesystem ...

    Barry Allen HDD device not mountable after formating, sorry

    preinst script returned status 1
    An error ocurred, return value: 1.
    Collected errors:
    Aborting installation of enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen

    So with Dcc296 E2 I try before to format and mount the USB stick,
    but anyting append
    With the EDG-Nemesis-1.0-RC1-dm800-e2_27-04-2009-11-52
    is possible onnly format the stick but not mount.
    Only with installation of Nabilo_DM800_PureFlash_02may09
    I have insert All!
    I don't no why, but this is the solution...
    So my dear Glutemine, this is my relation, I hope is good for your grat job :rolleyes:
    Bye from South italy..

  • first you should create a noba directory on the harddisk to prevent it from beeing erased.

    mkdir /media/hdd/noba

    second you should not flash one image after the other, instead erase the stick with HP Freeware USB boottool before putting it to the Dreambox and boot it and then install BA

    third if this doesn't work either consider using another stick or an USB hub in between.

    There are simply USB devices which resits to be properly detected on a Dreambox - this is why you can find threads of working USB pens, also in Italian boards.

    PS: are you using an USB harddisk or an internal sata, or no harddisk at all ?


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  • Hi Glutemine,
    is a pleasure talk with a "Guru" like you...
    No I have not a HardDisk,
    I Have only a USB stick in (the plug under, the number 1?)