DM8000 3tuner recording freeze

  • Hello,

    I have a DM8000 with 3 sat tuners each with Hotbird(13)/Astra(19,2), (2 lnb quad, 3 DisecQ, 3 cables)

    I also have a french official C*+/sat card (Mediaguard).

    My problem is when I record 2 channels (coded) on 2 differents transponders and I change the channel to a third transponder which is also coded, my DM freeze and the only solution is to power off with the rear switch.

    For example this channel are on different transponder and the problem arise when I zap to a coded channel:

    record tuner A: M6 (coded)
    record tuner B: W9 (coded)
    zap tuner C: NT1 (FTA) ok
    ZDF (FTA) ok
    ZDFdokukanal (FTA) ok
    Canal+ (coded) freeze

    I did some tests with only FTA channel and I could record at the same time all these channels which are on three different transponders:

    Bayerishes FS Nord
    ARD "Das Erste"
    WDR Koln

    It seems it is a problem with the decoding process.
    I use cccam 2.0.11.

    Is tit a restriction of Cccam to permit only 2 transponder decoding at the same time? Is there a way to improve it?

    Thanks a lot.

    DM8000HD, HD 500GB SATA, Gemini 4.1 in flash

  • Hello,

    This leads me to more questions:

    1) are there software emulators which can do more than 2?

    2) I have two access card SRG(Viaccess) and c*+/sat( Mediaguard). Is it possible to run 2 process of an emulator (or two emulators), one for each access card?

    3) Are there some hardware cam able to do more than 2?


  • Hello,

    I am sorry but I would like to know how to avoid crash...

    Is there a way of using a DM8000 and decrypt 3 different transponder without crashing the DM?

    If not, is there a way to have a the software checking that it can not decrypt and not to have the DM crashing?

    Because sometimes your are recording 2 encrypted transponders in the background and if you zap to an encrypted channel on a third transponder, the DM8000 freeze and the only solution is to reboot the DM and your recordings are corrupted.


  • If I remember correctly, mgcamd should be able to handle more than two decodings at the same time.

    Use NewCS to read your cards and let mgcamd connect to NewCS ... then you should be fine.


  • CCcam.cfg:

    # with this setting you can
    # configure how many emm listeners are started.
    # for example use 2 when recording
    # and viewing different systems and both need constant updates
    # default : 1
  • EMMs are Updates for the card - that has nothing to do with decoding (which works through ECMs, sent to the card with the card replying with a CW).