• Brilliant news, thanks a lot for the post !

    Dreambox 8000 HD,SkyHD
    BL #73 Oozoon 2.6 experimental
    T90 (5W,4.8E,13E,19.2E,23.5E,28.2E)
    3 x Spaun SAR 411 WSG
    Canaldigitaal(HD) , BSKYB(HD)

  • Just trying it ... seems to work perfectly. But you must adapt the channellist, because most channels are set to 0=not download at all.


  • Quote

    Originally posted by vanmarr
    Brilliant news, thanks a lot for the post !

    there is a thread here treating this subject since juli 2008

    [SIZE=7]Selfsat H50M4
    Ultimo4K /2xTwinS2, VTI, PLi, ATV...
    NAS: Qnap221[/SIZE]

  • bufff... to difficult to people with low levels of ideas about linix.....

    why nabilosat has make a epg for sky uk and it, without any problems..

    i hope gemeni makes a plugin for epg for sky also...

    will be great..

  • I don't have any errors...

    Working like a charm in Gemini 4.0 on my DM 800...


  • I have newnigma2 2.6 on dm800.

    I have installed and ran successfully the e2_loadepg on /media/hdd

    The data is saved on /media/hdd/epg.dat and external.epg.dat

    However, if I list the channels, nothing comes up... on the channels...

    How do I load the external epg in newnigma? Can somebody help me pls?