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fb1324 fb1324 is a male

Registration Date: 26.03.2007
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Which box: DM 7020S
External Storage: keine
Which Image: Gemini

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Have the possibility to manage a few clicks boot images and spinners on a DM HD running on OE-2.0 ...

This is the purpose of the plugin that I propose

E2 python plugin << Easy Logo Manager >>

Distributed in the following packages:
enigma2-plugin-extensions-easylogomanager_final-01_mips32el.zip (for DM HD 500 800 7020 8000)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-easylogomanager_final-01_mips32el-nf.zip (for DM HD 800 PVR only)

A package containing:
- logo-collection
- spinner-collection
- enigma2-plugin-extensions-easylogomanager_final-01...ipk
- install.txt
- readme.txt

To install

Unzip the archive and read 'install.txt' included in the pack

About logo-collection
----------------------------- content : ampoule, dark, eyes (mvi/jpg pictures)

To avoid exceeding the capacity of the flash memory of your box, this folder is not automatically installed, it must be manually transferred to your HARD disk, CF card or USB stick ... if necessary in /usr/share/ (ONLY if MORE than 2M available)

About the 'logo-collection' proposed in the pack, you must know that it is primarily designed to serve as an example and support, you can add in this collection your own pictures as long as you adhere to some conditions => readme.txt included in the pack

About spinner-collection
--------------------------------- content : 17 spinners (png pictures)

As its size is small (300k), it is included in the plugin and it is automatically installed in the
/usr/share/enigma2/ directory of your box ... same as for the collection of logos, you can also replace existing spinners by your own thumbnails


When the program is started a window is opened with the logo < Enigma > running on your box

By pressing the MENU-Button on your remote-control you will access the main menu:

Main menu

1. Install pictures of logo-collection
2. Install thumbnails of spinner-collection
3. Show active spinner
4. Show backup spinner
5. Show active logo
6. Show backup logo
7. Restore original bootlogo and spinner
8. Change logo rectangle size
9. Change logo window size
0. Restart GUI
R) Quit
G) Uninstall plugin
Y) How to use

Example with the original logo-collection

Here's how to easily change the boot image and the spinner of your box:

- Start the plugin (appears enigma logo)
- Press the MENU-Button (return menu >> Install pictures of logo-collection <<)
- Press [OK]
- Press [OK] [OK] (ampoule-backdrop.mvi is installed)
>> Select 'ampoule-backdrop.jpg'
- Press [OK] [OK] (ampoule-backdrop.jpg is installed)
>> Select 'ampoule-bootlogo.mvi'
- Press [OK] [OK] (ampoule-bootlogo.mvi is installed)
>> Select 'ampoule-bootlogo_wait.mvi'
- Press [OK] [OK] (ampoule-bootlogo_wait.mvi is installed)
- Press the EXIT-Button (return menu)
>> Select 'Install thumbnails of spinner-collection'
- Press [OK] [OK] (the first spinner is installed)
- Press the EXIT-Button
- Press the 0-Button
>> yes

It's over ... your enigma restarted with a new logo and a new spinner

About other options, all of that is very intuitive, simply select and press [OK]

Have fun


jpg menu.jpg (176.05 KB, 136 downloads)
jpg setting.jpg (120 KB, 122 downloads)
zip enigma2-plugin-extensions-easylogomanage r_final-01_mips32el.zip (2 MB, 10 downloads)
zip enigma2-plugin-extensions-easylogomanage r_final-01_mips32el-nf.zip (2 MB, 3 downloads)

DM HD 800 - 800se - 800sev2 - DM SD 7020 - 500
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